Inger Bang Lund

Inger Bang Lund

Born in Bergen, Norway, 10 September 1876, where her father, Karl Joachim Bang, was a lawyer. He early discovered her musical talent and encouraged her. At the age of three she could repeat what she had heard at the Music Pavilion in Bergen when she returned home to her grand piano. She soon began to compose pieces of music.

At the age of 18, her first printed music was issued by Einar Kaland Musikforlag in Bergen in 1894, printed in Leipzig.

She continued to study music with the leading piano tutors in Bergen, including Betty Wallem, August Friis and Hildur Andersen. Later on, Inger Bang Lund herself gave lessons at the Music Conservatory in Bergen where she was considered a highly regarded tutor.

She then studied with Johan Halvorsen, a famous Norwegian composer in Oslo, where she studied musical theory and harmony. Johan Halvorsen recommended her to continue her studies with Alfredo Casella in Rome as Johan Halvorsen had nothing more to teach her, as he said.

Before leaving for Rome, she had her first concert in Oslo of her own compositions in 1911 for piano, violin and song accompanies by the best Norwegian musicians at the time Kaia Eide Norena and Emil Nielsen, opera singers and Ingebert Haaland on violin. The same year she also had concerts in Bergen accompanied by the singer Nina Grieg, wife of Edward Grieg.

In 1912, she went to Rome with her husband, Harald Lund, and three children and her mother, Kristophine Susanne Bang. Alfredo Casella appreciated her music and Inger Bang Lund continued to compose several works of music both Norwegian inspired and the modern way of Alfredo Casella.

During her stay in Rome, 1912 to 1925, she preformed many concerts of her own compositions and others like Chopin, Brahms and Scarlatti, performed in Sala Scarletti and Liceeum in Rome accompanied by the best musicians and singers in Rome at the time.

She enjoyed playing in public because she wanted to share her gift with others. Inger Bang Lund, being very much appreciated as a pianist and composer, felt at the time the difficulties for women artists to be accepted.

Inger Bang Lund, has composed more that 50 compositions for piano, song and violin. Some of these include, “Trold”, “Nocturne”, “Bonn”, “Caprice” (dedicated to her grandchild, Ida Solveig), “Melodi”, “Lurleik”, “Huldrerok”, “12 Italienske Aqvareller (manus)”, “Mot Hoest”, “Mot Vaar”, “Springdans” and “Norsk” to mention some.

After returning from Italy, she remained in Norway. Having dedicated all her life to music Inger Bang Lund died in Bergen in 1968, 92 years old.

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