BBC World fronts Norwegian jazz

More than a billion viewers around the world are will get a taste of Norwegian jazz at a BBC World programme that airs this week.

Frøy Aagre

Late February saw the BBC World programme Destination Music visiting the remote arctic archipelago of Svalbard. Longyearbyen, the main settlement on the biggest island, Spitsbergen, is host to the world’s northernmost jazz festival, the aptly titled Polarjazz which runs every year in late Feb.

The Destination Music programme series focuses on original festivals world-wide and includes artist interviews and live footage in every segment.

During this year’s Polarjazz, Norwegian jazz artists such as Frøy Aagre Offbeat, Bugge Wesseltoft, Paul Wagnberg Piano Quartet, Transjoik and Christiansand String Swing Ensemble were interviewed and filmed by BBC World for an episode of Destination Music that is scheduled to be aired this week. Friday 3 March at 20:30 GMT will see the Svalbard-episode broadcast to more than 270 million homes world-wide, reaching almost a billion viewers.

Previous episodes in the Destination Music series have presented festivals in Chin, New York, Cuba, Morocco, Zanzibar, Mexico, Spain and Ireland. Svalbard’s Polarjazz is the only Scandinavian festival featured on Destination Music.

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