Serena Maneesh sign with Beggars Group

Serena Maneesh sign a deal with brand new Beggars Group offshoot PlayLouderecordings.

Emil Nikolaisen bylarm 2006

Hyped noise masters Serena Maneesh have just inked a record deal with brand-new label PlayLouderecordings. Their self-titled debut arrives Stateside at 23 May.

PlayLouderecordings is the offspring of London-based media website / digital label PlayLouder and UK indie conglomerate the Beggars Group (home to the Beggars Banquet, 4AD, XL, Too Pure, MoWax, Matador, Mantra, and Wiiija labels). Serena Maneesh are Playlouderecordings' first signing, although has previously treated its readership to several digital singles, including the Serena Maneesh track "Drain Cosmetics", released on Monday.

Serena Maneesh made their live US debut in early January and are set to return in March to play a 21-date tour that includes no less than four showcases at the South by Southwest festival in Austin, Texas.

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