Sinikka Langeland and Kåre Nordstoga: Påsketona

MIC's Listen to Norway series continues with Sinikka Langeland and Kåre Nordstoga's 'Påsketona'

Sinikka Langeland and Kåre Nordstoga: Påsketona (cover)

This record is characterised by a feeling of calmness and sincerity as vocalist Sinikka Langeland and organist Kåre Nordstoga present a set of beautiful and solemn hymns that are linked to Easter. Langeland has a background in Norwegian traditional folk music and has brought in a selection of ancient tunes for this project while the classically trained Nordstoga has selected works by Bach. The result is a repertoire from two different musical traditions that enriches and enhances each other. The rich timbre of Langeland’s voice is eminently preserved on this recording while the majestic sound of the Nidaros Cathedral’s Wagner organ offers tasteful accompaniment and impressive solo passages. The perfect soundtrack for your next Easter holiday.

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