Madcon: Its all Madcon

MIC's Listen to Norway series continues with Madcon's 'Its all Madcon'

Madcon - It's All a MadCon

Over the last few years, Norwegian film critics have coined the phrase ‘feel good’ to describe some of the new domestically produced motion pictures. If there ever was one, Madcon’s debut album is the hip-hop equivalent to feel good films – this is all about phat tracks, flowing rhymes and a bringing together the homies to celebrate the art of feeling good. Madcon’s Tshawe and Yosef bring in additional help from Norwegian soul/r&b icons Noora and Sofian for some well timed and catchy hook lines that have earned Madcon extensive airplay on domestic radio. Some refer to this as jiggy rap, others might just call it plain good stuff.

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