Womex 2005

The folk/world/crossover community is gearing up for one of the year’s most central events; the trade fair/expo/showcase festival Womex which is staged in Newcastle Gateshead from 26 to 30 October.

The Sage Gateshead

The world music expo Womex is the world´s premier networking point exclusively dedicated to world, roots, folk, ethnic, traditional, local and diaspora music of all kinds. Ten WOMEX editions in Berlin (1994), Brussels (1995), Marseilles (1997), Stockholm (1998), Berlin (1999, 2000), Rotterdam (2001), Essen (2002), Sevilla (2003) and Essen (2004) have affirmed the value and potential of networking across borders, be these musical, political, cultural or commercial. With a packed trade fair, vibrant showcases, debates, conferences and keynote speeches the stage is set for some very hectic days in Newcastle.

Womex features:
- over 2000 delegates/1250 companies from
- 82 countries including more than 240 journalists
- more than 300 exhibitors in over 200 trade fair stands including various umbrella stands of countries, regions, networks and other joint-venture structures
- 37 showcases with over 300 artists on 4 stages
- 41 speakers in 25 conference sessions
- the offWOMEX programme with presentations, meetings, receptions, press conferences and 9 additional showcases
- the virtualWOMEX, the complementary all-year-long internet marketplace for the world music community

Womex 2005 will be staged at the magnificent € 100 m Norman Foster designed music centre The Sage Gateshead on the south bank of the River Tyne in Gateshead, which opened to the public on 17 December 2004.Combining three superb performance spaces, acoustically excellent for both unamplified and amplified musics, with a 25 room Music Education Centre and recording studio, The Sage Gateshead is a home for musical discovery for people of all ages. The year-round artistic programme features internationally known artists from all musical fields as well as workshops, master classes, and a weekend school for young musicians. It also houses England's only performance based folk music degree course, run in partnership with the University of Newcastle. This particular focus on folk and roots musics makes it a natural host for the first WOMEX to be held in the UK.

For more Womex info, click here.

Click here to view the Norwegian delegation to Womex 2005.

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