Norwegian participants to Womex 2005

Womex, the world’s most central world, roots, folk, ethnic, crossover, traditional and diaspora music expo is staged at Newcastle’s Sage Gateshead on 26 to 30 October. Following the strong trend over the last years, a spirited and diverse Norwegian delegation is set to make an impact at the upcoming trade fair.

The Sage Gateshead

Womex, the world’s most central world, roots, folk, ethnic, crossover, traditional and diaspora music expo is staged at Newcastle’s Sage Gateshead on 26 to 30 October. Following the strong trend over the last years, a spirited and diverse Norwegian delegation is set to make an impact at the upcoming trade fair.

The world music expo Womex is attended by more than 2000 delegates representing 1250 from 90 countries. This year, more than 250 journalists have been accredited and at the fair grounds more than 300 exhibitors will be present at over 200 trade fair stands. Showcases are an integral part of the Womex programme and this year 35 showcases featuring more than 250 artists performing at four stages.

Below is a presentation of the Norwegian delegation that will be present at the trade fair on Tent, stands C19, C21, B20 and B22:

Norway at WOMEX 2005:

Etnisk Musikklubb
Etnisk Musikklubb (Ethnic Music Club) is a company focussing on a repertoire of Traditional Folk Music, Ethnic Music and World Music. It is a record company running the EM label. It releases music by Norwegian Folk Music Performers, many of whom have been first price winners within their fields, as well as multicultural artists of international stature mostly situated in Norway. EM are currently expanding its business with regards to quality, international export and distribution for the EM label. It is EM’s belief that the company’s World Music assortment, and the traditional genuine Norwegian album, will add some variation to the World Music repertoire from an area of the world still considered “undiscovered” by many music lovers. One goal is to stimulate and rekindle interest in original recordings amongst the music buying public. EM also aim to gain broader exposure with the music press and as well as with kindred music publications throughout the European countries and beyond. This exposure includes a much stronger emphasis on getting the label’s music played on broadcastings. EM’s aim for Womex 2005 is currently to expanding its business by the export of own productions by gaining reliable new partners for world distribution of the label.

Etnisk Musikklubb
Masovngata 20

Phone: +47 32 73 56 60
Fax: +47 32 73 56 61

Representative: Arne Fredriksen

Kirkelig Kulturverksted (KKV)
Kirkelig Kulturverksted (KKV) is Norway’s largest independent record label with a catalogue of more than 290 titles. For over 30 years, KKV and producer Erik Hillestad have collaborated with Norwegian and international artists from all over the world, releasing records by artists such as Dolores Keane (Ireland), Brilliant (Azerbaijan), Sevara Nazarkahn (Uzbekistan), Kris Kristofferson (USA), Susana Baca (Peru), Sinead O´Connor (Ireland), Miriam Makeba (South Africa), Nina Hagen (Germany), Aki Fukakusa (Japan), Eddi Reader (Scotland), Kari Bremnes, Knut Reiersrud, Susanne Lundeng and Arild Andersen (Norway). The company has released albums in a wide variety of genres, from rock to classical; from jazz to inspirational. Well-known for the extremely high quality of its releases, KKV’s CDs are sought after by audiophile collectors throughout the world who appreciate the company’s ability to present extraordinary music in an ideal audio setting. The company has won a number of international and domestic prizes for the musical and audio quality of its works. KKV has reached a central cultural position in Norway, and its musical catalogue is distributed to countries all over the world.

Kirkelig Kulturverksted (KKV)
P.O. Box 4684
N-0506 Oslo

Phone: +47 22 99 34 50
Fax: +47 22 99 34 41

Representative: Hege Marit Folkestad

Music Export Norway
Music Export Norway A/S (MEN) is the co-ordinating body for the Norwegian representation at WOMEX 2005. MEN was established in 2000 by the Norwegian music industry in order to assist the Norwegian music export sector and promote Norwegian music. MEN provides access to information on Norwegian artists and companies and also assists the Norwegian music industry by organising international trade show participation and presentations that aim to increase the worldwide awareness of Norwegian music. The six organisations that launched MEN, and today are represented at the organisation’s Board, are IFPI Norway, FONO (the
Norwegian Independent Record Producers Association), NOPA (Norwegian Society of Composers and Lyricists), GramArt (the Recording Artists Association), MFO (Musicians Union) and the Music Information Centre Norway. The company acts as a service and resource centre for exporters of Norwegian music products. Primarily, the company is to concentrate its work on strengthening of Norwegian music products of commercial value. Music Export Norway A/S is the official organiser of national stands at such music trade shows as MIDEM in Cannes, France, South by Southwest in Austin, U.S. and Popkomm in Berlin, Germany.

Music Export Norway
Karl Johansgate 21
N-0159 Oslo

Phone: +47 24 12 96 99
Fax: +47 24 12 96 98

Representatives: Inger Dirdal and Helene D. Broch

Music Information Centre Norway
Music Information Centre Norway (MIC) is a resource centre whose aim is to contribute to increased domestic and international impact for Norwegian music of all genres. Main activities involve web-publishing of music information through MIC’s two web-sites ( and as well as various promotion and information projects. MIC’s English-language website offers news services that are updated on a daily basis, an industry directory of the Norwegian music scene, a catalogue that covers Norwegian sheet music and recordings and a calendar that tracks domestic and international music events. MIC provides advice to decision-makers from orchestral and concert institutions, media, researchers and musicians on Norwegian conductors, concert institutions, festivals, venues, bands, soloists, performers, the record industry, composers, promoters, etc. The Norwegian Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MFA) has defined MIC as its source of expertise on musical matters. MIC also operates MFA’s travel support programme for professional Norwegian musicians that perform abroad. In addition, MIC administers the Listen to Norway promotional programme (also known as the Purchasing Programme for New Norwegian Recordings), which entails two annual rounds of international distribution of up to 70 of the latest released records on the domestic market which in turn are shipped to media representatives, organisations, educational institutions and trade representatives all over the world.

Music Information Centre Norway
P.O. Box 2674 Solli
N-0203 Oslo

Phone: +47 22 42 90 90
Fax: +47 22 42 90 91

Representative: Tomas Lauvland Pettersen

Musikkoperatørene (MO) offers a rich variety of high-quality Norwegian releases, and is a key distributor on the domestic market representing more than 20 large and 50 small independent labels. These labels are represented both at home and in the international marketplace for export. Musikkoperatørene maintains a diverse profile with a main focus on jazz, classical and ethnic/folk music. MO’s roster includes some of Norway’s most respected independent labels that are renowned for high quality output and a steady stream of innovation. Musikkoperatørene’s most central labels are NORCD, Curling Legs, Heilo, DAT, Grappa, Aurora, Odin, Duippidit, Simax Classics and Hot Club Records. Many of the releases are considered to be among the finest audiophile recordings, and are highly appreciated throughout the world.

Kongens gate 4
N-0153 Oslo

Phone: +47 23 31 01 20
Fax: +47 22 23 31 01 29

Representative: Ms. Stine Farstad

NORCD is a true independent record label with a highly-respected and long-standing position on the Norwegian scene. The company has released a steady stream of high quality Norwegian folk, jazz, impro and world music titles since its establishment in 1991. NORCD’s catalogue features nearly 60 album titles, representing the top
division of Norwegian performers. Key artists include young fiddlers like Åse Teigland and Synnøve Bjørset, Cissokho System, Utla, Håkon Høgemo, Berit Opheim and Karl Seglem. NORCD’s back-catalogue will remain in stock for many years to come, offering a valuable source for Norwegian improvised and folk-tinged sounds. The record label was founded and is run by respected composer and tenor sax/goat horn player Karl Seglem. The label’s goal is to present quality music for quality music listeners, and to maintain its reputation as the record company that cares more about the music than the sales. The company’s main focus is now on this autumn’s releases of OnkelFolke and Moldestad/Mjølsnes/Høgemo, to license parts of the existing catalog, and still to keep a sharp ear towards the powerful young folk-, jazz-
and world music musicians living in Norway.

Kongensgate 16

Phone: +47 22 33 41 44
Fax: +47 22 33 41 43

Representatives: Karl Seglem, Kåre Thomsen and Wilfred Wuillaume

Rikskonsertene - The Norwegian Concert Institute
Rikskonsertene’s main goal is to make live music of a high artistic quality accessible to everyone in Norway. Rikskonsertene has three important tasks: to produce quality concert programmes and arrange tours in close co-operation with local concert organisers of these programmes throughout Norway; to administer Norway’s national school concert scheme and ensure that it represents high artistic and educational quality and musical diversity; and finally to act as an adviser, co-ordinator and operating agent in the implementation of Norway’s international cultural policy. In meeting these demands a number of governing principles create a platform for Rikskonsertene: Musical diversity, artistic quality, cooperation and dialogue – as well as innovation. Rikskonsertene is a governmental institution that is financed by and operates under the Ministry of Culture. It was established in 1968 and has 50 employees. Annually, Rikskonsertene holds approximately 10,000 concerts throughout the whole of Norway with audience attendance exceeding 1 million. More than 1,000 professional musicians are employed by the organisation each year. Rikskonsertene creates concert productions in a wide variety of music genres and offers concert programmes of high quality to organisers throughout the country. In addition, Rikskonsertene provides concerts for all primary school pupils in 95% of the municipalities in Norway and runs concerts for children in kindergartens in almost 60% of the counties in Norway. Rikskonsertene assumes a special responsibility in promoting young artists, as well as promoting cultural diversity. Rikskonsertene produce Oslo World Music Festival, in addition to 4 extensive world music tours annually.

Oslo World Music Festival

The general idea of the Rikskonsertene-run Oslo World Music Festival is to present a variety of music from Africa, Asia and Latin America – from classical traditions and folk music to urban World Music. The aim is to show the richness in different music cultures. Creating musical meeting-places confirm the power that lies within musical interaction and expressions. In this work, the organization collaborates with local immigrant communities and has developed an extensive network all over the world.

The Festival is based on music performed by musicians from communities in the Nordic countries, as well as renowned artists invited from all over the world. It is also an ambition to initiate musical projects where Norwegian and guest musicians are working together. The concerts take place at various concert venues in Oslo, including churches, concert halls and clubs.

Rikskonsertene - The Norwegian Concert Institute
P.O. Box 4261
N-0401 Oslo

Phone: +47 22 02 59 00

Fax: +47 22 02 59 01

Representatives: Lise Lundh

Førde Folk Music Festival
The world meets in Førde, where 250 artists from 25 different countries perform over 4 days. Between fjords, mountains and glaciers in the western part of Norway, music and cultures from all over the world meet in a musical firework difficult to imagine – it has to be experienced! The festival focuses on a theme every year, such as African Roots, Music by the Mediterranean Sea, South of Sahara, etc., and Norwegian folk music always has an important place in the program. Førde Folk Music Festival is one of the largest festivals in Norway and was organised for the first time in 1990. Most of the festival events take place in Førdehuset, the house of culture in Førde, but also in churches, museums, art galleries, restaurants, pubs and streets – all in a walking distance of 15 minutes.

The 2006 Førde Folk Music Festival runs from 6 to 9 July.

Førde Folk Music Festival
P.O. Box 394
N-6801 Førde

Phone: +47 57 72 19 40
Fax: +47 57 72 19 41

Representatives: Hilde Bjørkum and Lene Furuli
Grappa Musikkforlag

Grappa Musikkforlag as (Grappa Music Group), established in 1983, is the No 1. leading independent record company in Norway.
The name has come to represent a broad musical scope, high quality and first-rate Norwegian performers. The main currents of Norwegian music are presented on several labels. The primary objectives of the record company are to present a wide variety of recordings of all musical genres from traditional music to contemporary musical trends.
These goals are accomplished by cultivating the purest part of our musical heritage, and by encouraging the natural eagerness of young people to find new modes of expression.
Grappa Musikkforlag owns the prestigious Simax Classics label, which is one of Scandinavia's leading record companies for classical music. The Simax catalogue consists of over 250 CDs. Simax Classics is also proud to announce its collaboration with the Norwegian Society of Composers.
Simax will manage the Society's CD label Aurora, which include a large number of recordings of works by contemporary Norwegian composers. Traditional music and world music are marketed on the Heilo label, which is by far the leading Norwegian label within this field of music. Barneselskapet, which is a joint venture with Egmont Serieforlaget, controls nearly 50 percent of the domestic market for children's recordings.
The Grappa label has released a large number of best-selling CDs, and many of its releases have won the Norwegian Grammy award. In fact, Grappa has the highest number of Grammy-nominated CDs of any record company in Norway. The company's most recent acquisition is Supernova. This label focuses on discovering and developing new international talent.
Grappa also collaborates with the innovative companies Curling Legs and Rune Grammofon, and with the musicpublishers Studio Songs and Mastersongs.
Grappa is a major shareholder in the sales and distribution companies Musikkoperatørene and Diskos Distribusjon.
Grappa is also involved in the recordingstudiobusiness.
Grappa represent ECM Records in Norway, and has enjoyed great success with the recordings it has released in this connection.

Grappa Musikkforlag
Akersgata 7
N-0158 Oslo

Phone: +47 23 35 80 00
Fax: +47 23 35 80 01

Representative: Helge Westbye

The Norwegian Traditional Music Agency
The Norwegian Traditional Music Agency provides performers, custom designs and manages entertainment programs of any size in any country. The Norwegian Traditional Music Agency facilitates cooperation with other organizations in promoting traditional music and dance, and links organizers of traditional music programs with performers. The agency also aims to increase the use of traditional music and dance in concerts by sponsoring performances in Norway and abroad, and by working to include traditional music in agreements with arrangers of other artistic events. Additional initiatives undertaken by the agency include efforts to increase the export of Norwegian traditional music and increased knowledge of and demand for folk music in wider market areas. The agency promotes the high artistic quality and professionalism found on the domestic scene and works across genres to make contacts in various Norwegian cultural institutions for mutual benefit in work with Norwegian culture. Other key areas include the strengthening of teaching, program creation and leadership of folk music programs, as well as support for economic planning and information on grant regulations. The Norwegian Traditional Music Agency emphasizes the development of talent in younger performers and the transmission of traditions from older to younger practitioners, and obtains opportunities for them.

The Norwegian Traditional Music Agency manages the Norwegian Traditional Music Directory, under the sponsorship of the Norwegian Traditional Music and Dance Association (NFD), and in cooperation with the Norwegian National Association for Traditional Music and Dance (LfS).

P.O. Box 440
0103 Oslo

Phone: +47 22 00 56 93

Representative: Ola K. Berge

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