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No less than 11 Norwegian bands are set to deliver the goods on various Berlin clubs during next week’s Popkomm music industry trade fair and festival.

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The strong Norwegian presence at the Popkomm music industry trade fair and festival continues in 2005 with a strong delegation of both companies, music industry execs and no less than 11 showcasing bands that are set to play Berlin’s clubs next week.

Reflecting the current vibrant music scene, the Norwegian Popkomm roster spans from left-field experimental electronica to extreme metal to retro 60s psychedelia-tinged pop to melancholic acoustic rock. Hitting the various club stages on the 14th to 16th of September are acts DinoSau, Enslaved, Red Harvest, Audrey Horne, Madder Mortem, Delaware, Tuco’s Lounge, WE, Criterion, Kari Kleiv and The Jessica Fletchers. This year the official Popkomm Norwegian focus is on metal as witnessed by the ‘Norwegian Metal Night’ staged at the Knaack club on 14th of September.

Line up:

14th of September:

DinoSau – Aufsturtz – Popkomm Jazz Club (10:30pm)

‘Norwegian Metal Night’ feat. Enslaved, Red Harvest, Audrey Horne and Madder Mortem Knaack (doors open 8:00pm)

15th of September:
Club 23 / Popkomm Festival Centre ‘Kulturbräuerei’

Delaware (8:00pm)
Tuco’s Lounge (11:00)

16th of September:
Club 23 / Popkomm Festival Centre ‘Kulturbräuerei’

Popkomm Metal Showcase
We – (9:00)
Criterion – (00:00)

Maschinenhaus / Popkomm Festival Centre
Kari Kleiv – (08:30pm)

Alte Hause
The Jessica Fletchers (8:00)

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