Karl Seglem on the move

Renowned saxophonist and composer Karl Seglem is in for a busy summer packed with hectic touring and the upcoming release of his latest solo album ‘Reik’ a fitting title derived from the ancient Nordic word for “being on the move”.

Karl Seglem 2004 (med horn) Foto: Ketil Jacobsen

“Of the many innovative and unique voices that have emerged in newer Norwegian improvised music, Karl is one of the most distinctive” This is what Helge Skansen, Artistic Director at the Norwegian Concert Institute, said about Karl Seglem’s concert tour in Norway this spring. This summer, Karl Seglem will appear at four key international festivals. His busy schedule in the near future will also include a new solo album release this autumn.

Karl Seglem will appear at festivals in Norway, Finland and the UK with his band this summer. It will all start at the Vestfold International Festival in Norway June 25, and will continue with Worldport in Cardiff (July 3) and the Pori Jazz Festival in Finland (July 20). On July 31 the group will round off the summer’s festivals at the Canal Street – Arendal Jazz Festival. The rest of Seglem’s quartet, consisting of Hardanger fiddler Håkon Høgemo, bassist Gjermund Silset and drummer and percussionist Helge Norbakken, will accompany him as usual, while at the Arendal festival the group will be expanded. The quartet is currently working on a new CD that will be released at the beginning of 2006.

New album on Ozella Music (Germany)
Prior to the summer’s festival activities, the group will complete negotiations with the German record company Ozella Music for a new solo release in the autumn of 2005. This release will mark the establishment of a long-term co-operation with Ozella Music, which is extremely pleased with the response to its 2004 release of Seglems album ‘New North’. Both ‘New North’ and ‘Femstein’ have been given an exceptionally positive reception in Germany. For this reason Ozella Music is eager to offer the German market another CD by Karl Seglem to be followed by an autumn tour, in order to further the tenor saxophonist’s musical career and to bring his music to a broader German public.

On the new album, Seglem’s improvisations on the tenor sax and his experimental playing on the ram’s horn will be focused on more keenly than ever before. Bulgarian guitarist Nikolai Ivanov and Norwegian percussionist Harald Skullerud help to give the recording a ground-breaking, universal quality, where East European and Norwegian sounds merge. ‘Femstein’ received a rating of six out of a possible six, and was described with words such as “wildness and poetry” and “powerful originality that is well worth experiencing”.

“I hope that this album will reach a lot of people”, says Seglem about his new effort, which will be called ‘Reik’, which means “movement” - "to be on the move", in Norse.
“This new album is the closest I have come to the fabricated concept of ‘mountain jazz’, and I’m proud of it!” says Seglem, laughing. The album will be released by Ozella Music on October 1. 2005.

Biennale in Måren, and more of Jon Fosse
Karl Seglem is also helping to organise one of the most intriguing and unusual events on the west coast of Norway: the MÅREN BIENNALE, which will take place this year on 5 – 7 August. This is an interdisciplinary melting pot of artistic idioms set in an area near the Sognefjorden, one of Norway’s most magnificent fjords. The place Måren is completely without a connecting road. You need the ferry! For further information (in Norwegian) please click this link.

Last, but not least, the saxophonist will release another new CD later this autumn, in which he once again collaborates with internationally renowned Norwegian writer Jon Fosse. Their last co-production was ‘Prosa’ (NORCD9616) in 1996. On their new outing, ‘Dikt’, Jon Fosse will recite 19 selected poems to Karl Seglem’s music.

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