Furia to take on Europe

Norwegian all-girl outfit Furia signs with EMI subsidiary Labels Germany.

Furia 2005

A long-standing live and album favourite on the domestic market, all-girl outfit Furia have announced that they’ve signed with EMI Music subsidiary Labels Germany for an European release of their upcoming album.

Says Labels Germany’s A&R Sven Hasenjäger to Norwegian daily VG: “These five girls really know how to rock the stage. I’ve never seen anything like it.”

Hasenjäger’s first encounter with Furia came at last year’s Eurosonic festival in Groningen, Holland. Hasenjäger was impressed with the five-piece who have perfected their live appearance through hectic domestic and international touring over the last decade.

“It’s a unique band. A new The Runaways or The Donnas with a pop sensibility” concludes Hasenjäger who can also reveal that Labels Germany have scheduled a September release for Furia’s next album.

States the band on their new status as an act ready to be launched on the European market: “We can’t believe this yet. Over the years, we’ve been given many promises that have been broken so we’re a bit vigilant, but this time we’re working with a crew that has faith in us. We’re just happy right now.”

Strength-sapping touring and lengthy studio sessions seem to be the last thing on the minds of the Furias: “Our last tour left us tired and worn out but that doesn’t really matter now. Over the last two years we’ve written loads of new songs that we’re eager to bring with us to the studio. Our last album was perhaps a bit polished compared to our raw live expression, so for our next album we’re seeking an edgier and heavier form of expression. But first we’ll have to find the right producer.”

This autumn marks the tenth anniversary of Furia as a band. After a string of dates (the first ones being played in the home region of Os near Bergen) Furia debuted in a recorded format in 2002 with ‘Furia EP’. The EP spawned a hit single Right On Time and it subsequently sold to gold. Furia’s debut album came in January 2003, the aptly titled ‘…And Then We Married The World”. Hit singles such as Superlove Vibrations and Leave secured the band a loyal domestic following and resulted in hectic touring and headliner slots at key festivals in 2003. With well-timed and perfectly executed showcase slots in 2004 at key music industry conventions such as Popkomm, Eurosonic and In The City, Furia have managed to reach out to a wider audience abroad, and given the new partnership with Labels Germany the five-piece from Os are likely to reach out a even greater international audience.

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