Side Brok: Høge Brelle

MIC's Listen to Norway series continues with Side Brok's 'Høge Brelle'

Side Brok: Høge Brelle

In the movement of reinventing hip-hop in regional terms that has swept across Norway the past couple of years, no other artist or group can measure up to Side Brok (pants worn (too) low) in terms of originality and true invention. From a miniscule west coast village we are struck by the most thrillingly refreshing, alarmingly talented and hilariously entertaining hip-hop anyone can remember to have heard.
The irony is exquisite; that from the realm most removed from the urban spawn of hip-hop, should come such an overwhelming display of its essence. Side Brok are in constant contact with this essence throughout their LP debut Høge Brelle (Tall eye-glasses): the much sought after flow in the rapping is unprecedented in a Norwegian context, and the rhymes are so clever, the words so novel and the content so funny, that one is in no doubt that these guys have a rare linguistic talent. Coupled with a distinct taste for combining heavy beats with the most diverse ingredients; from reggae and synth-pop to jazz and rock, the expression that is Side Brok’s is simply irresistible. Side Brok is one of the most shattering acts to have hit the (general) Norwegian music scene the past year or two.

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