Finn Kalvik: Dagdrivernotater

MIC's Listen to Norway series continues with Finn Kalvik's 'Dagdrivernotater'

Finn Kalvik: 'Dagdrivernotater' (cover)

Finn Kalvik is one of Norway’s most cherished and respected artists. His career spans 35 years and despite the inevitable ups and downs in popularity he is unquestionably among the Scandinavian singer/songwriters to have made the greatest impact. His latest, and 16th, album is entitled Dagdrivernotater . This means roughly ”A flaneur’s notes” and points towards the mood of the record in terms of melody and production as well as lyrical content. It is a “summery” collection of songs that Kalvik here presents: uncomplicated laid-back songs saturated with the dozy light-footed feel of summer. –A summer that is, even if events turn against you, still sweet in so many ways. As with all his work Kalvik has again managed to reach a wide audience, diverse both geographically and age wise. Dagdrivernotater has received very favourable reviews, and has been described as a warm and genuine contribution from a fine artist.

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