Spellemannspris nominations unveiled

The nominations for the 2005 Spellemannspris - the Norwegian equivalent to the Grammy - have now been unveiled.

Annie - Anniemal

The committee of the Norwegian music industry’s annual Spellemannspris award has finally unveiled its nominations. The announcement of the nominees has been postponed for some time due to the South East Asia tsunami disaster and the launch of the plans to record a new benefit single and double album to support the flood victims.

Controversy and debate often surround the nomination process, and this time it is the new combined category ‘Electronica/Contemporary’ that has caused quite a stir. The result is that ‘conventional’ contemporary releases are virtually wiped out of this year’s nomination list.

The winners of the prestigious Spellemannspris – the Norwegian equivalent to the Grammy – will be announced for the 33rd time at a major televised show on 26 February.

This is the list of the nominees:

Female artist:
Maria Solheim: «Frail»

Sissy Wish: «You May Breathe...»

Bertine Zetlitz: «Rollerskating»

Male artist:
William Hut: «Versus the End of Fashion Park»

Sondre Lerche: «Two Way Monologue»

Odd Nordstoga: «Luring»

Pop act:
Kings of Convenience: «Riot on an Empty Street»

The National Bank: «The National Bank»

Savoy: «Savoy»

Gluecifer: «Automatic Thrill»

Gåte: «Iselilja»

Span: «Mass Distraction»

Tellusalie: «Tangerine Dreams»

We: «Smugglers»

R.C. Finnigan, "Heart body and soul"
Hellbillies, "Niende"
William hut, "Days to remember"
Knut reiersrud, "Pretty ugly"

Electronika / contemporary:
Biosphere, "Autour de la lune"

Deathprod, "Morals and dogma"

Lars horntveth, "Pooka"

Lasse marhaug, "The shape of rock to come"

Black debbath, "Den femte statsmakt"

Enslaved, "Isa"

Mayhem, "Chimera"

Hip Hop / R&B
Jaa9 & Onklp, "Sjåre brymæ"

Madcon, "It's all a madcon"

Tungtvann, "Iii:folket bak nordavind"

Folk music / traditional:
Vidar lande / Gunhild Tømmerås, "Sordølen - slåtter og slåttestev fra setesdal
Gunnlaug Lien Myhr, "Perler på ei snor"

Tre begrædelige piger, "Til deg Lærdal"

Dance orchestra:
Ingemars, "På egne væger"

Anne Nørdsti, "Bygdeliv"

Ole Ivars, "Heldiggriser"

Børre Dalhaug, "Bigbandblast!"

Sharp 9, "No:network"

Skomsork, "Skomsork"

Solveig Slettahjell, "Silver"

Petter wettre, Hallmark moments"

Leif Ove Andsnes, "Mozart: piano concertos 9 & 18"

Håkon Austbø, "Debussy: Complete works for piano solo, vol. 1"

Grieg Trio, "Dvorak: complete piano trios"

Henning kraggerud, "Sibelius-Sinding: violin concertos"

Ola Bremnes, "Livstegn"

Kaia Huuse, "Trist og fint"

Karoline Krüger, "De to stemmer"

Henning kvitnes, "Bare vente litt på sjelen"

Open Category:
Frode Fjellheim, "Aejlies gaaltije - the sacred source"

Karl Seglem, "Femstein"

Trygve Seim, "Sangam"

Susanna and the magical orchestra, "List of lights and buoys"

Transjoik, "Uja nami"

Children’s records :
Kaptein Rødskjegg og sjørøverne, "Mann ombord, skuta er vekk"

Nissa Nyberget / Elisabeth Lindland, "Soria moria"

Eva trones, "Lille bille"

Music video:
Margaret Berger, ”Lifetime guarantee”

Illumination feat. Anneli Drecker, ”Kool karma”

Jim Stärk, ”Morning song”

Kings of convenience, ”I’d rather dance with you”

Bertine Zetlitz, ”Fake your beauty”

Newcomer of the year:
Annie, "Anniemal"

Margaret Berger, "Chameleon"

Madcon, "It's all a madcon"

Side Brok, "Høge brelle"

Span, "Mass distraction"

Hit of the Year:
Erik Faber, ”yesterday’s call”
Jim Stärk, ”Morning song”
Kurt Nilsen, ”My street”
Odd Nordstoga, ”Kveldssong for deg og meg”
Ravi & Dj Løv, ”Dødsøt”

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