Amulet: Danger! Danger!

A new Listen to Norway profile series kick-starts with Amulet's latest album "Danger! Danger!"

Amulet: Danger! Danger! cover

Spearheaded by the killer opener “Breaking News” Amulet kick-started their Danger! Danger! campaign. “Hey! All I want is a freeride/Yeah! All I want is a dose of elegance/Tune in fly away…” Taking up the gauntlet, you definitely want to fly away with front-man Torgny Amdam and his teeth-gritting, hi-voltage charged collective. This is what used to be called hard-core, but should now be referred to as a pure injection of vitality. Join in for a freeride with a tight-knit unit of musicians that have refined the art of playing hard and fast over the course of three albums. Amulet manage to recapture the fierce attitude of their live-shows on record, creating one of the most spirited outings from the growing Norwegian hard-core scene.

Click here to download “Rock n’ Roll Intercourse!” - a legendary two-hour live show with Cato Salsa Experience recorded by the Norwegian Broadcasting Corporation at Oslo’s Rockefeller.

Click here to download Amulet’s “Breaking News” video.

Amulet: Danger! Danger (Columbia/Sony COL 512330 2)

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