Norwegian Sónar showcases

Last year’s successful Norwegian showcases at the vibrant Sónar Festival in Barcelona are this year followed up by concerts with some of Rune Grammofon’s most central acts; Maja Ratkje, Deathprod and Susanna and the Magical Orchestra.

Sónar 2004 logo

The Sónar Festival has developed into a very central meeting place and a an event that’s as vibrant as they come. Set in the pulsating city centre of Barcelona, it is an important staging ground for genre-pushing, forward-thinking experimental (electronic) music.

Three days and three nights in touch with the most up-to-date developments and featuring the most relevant national and international artists. Sónar presents more than 300 activities including DJ sets, concerts, titles projected at the SonarCinema and works in every multimedia format: installations, Net art, design,...

Sónar is the essential meeting point for an alert public, cutting-edge artists and the most influential professionals from the sectors of music and modern arts.
Nights at Sónar are of a distinctive nature, an enormous cosmopolitan celebration, similar to other great European events but with a Mediterranean feeling, giving it a unique festive atmosphere.

Sónar by Night has 4 locations occupied by distinguished national and international names from the world of electronic music. Each night DJs, VDJs and concerts from the broadest spectrum of dance music appear simultaneously in the 4 areas.
Sónar by Night occupies an area of more than 10,000 meters, divided between covered and open-air spaces.

Sónar 2004 features three Norwegian acts, composer/vocal performer Maja Ratkje, Supersilent member/acclaimed audio artist Deathprod as well as one of Norway’s most widely acclaimed duos to emerge in the latest years: Susanna and the Magical Orchestra.

Maja Ratkje

The solo debut, “Voice” of Maja Ratkje, a member of Spunk, proves that she is more than just a pretty and personal voice. "Voice" not only reveals her musical instinct through disquieting, fragile and mysterious tracks (which she shares along with Jazzkammer), but also puts her elastic vocal chords to the test. Maja passes the test with flying colours and at the same time lays out a whole new palette of rich, unusual and disquieting sounds, warbles and articulated laptop noises.

Listen to Maja Ratkje’s solo album “Voice” here.

Maja Ratkje performs at the SónarComplex at 5pm


Helge Sten aka Deathprod is a living legend of Scandinavian electronica. Whether as a solo artist, teaming up with the mythical Supersilent quartet or on various record appearances alongside Geir Jensen (Biosphere), Deathprod always shows himself to be a skilled sound alchemist, a specialist in recreating eerie ambiances teaming with nuances and microscopic underworlds. "Morals and Dogma", a spectacular quadruple CD featuring old material and rarities, has shone a bit more light onto his prolific career.
Listen to Deathprod contributions to various compilation album here or download tracks from acclaimed Supersilent albums here.

Deathprod performs at the SónarComplex at 7pm

Susanna and the Magical Orchestra

A union between the vocal chords of Susanna Karolina Wallumrød and ex-Jaga Jazzist Morten Qvenild's magical orchestra has produced "List of Lights and Buoys": a sweet mix of ambient pop and sensual electronic groove that has once again turned the spotlight on the Norway scene, a never ending source of inspiration for state of the art jazz. Somewhere between Fennesz and Tom Waits. A more than promising debut...
Listen to Susanna and the Magical Orchestra’s acclaimed 2004 album “List of Lights and Buoys”

Susanna and the Magical Orchestra perform at the SónarComplex at 9pm

More info on the central Spanish festival here.

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