Music in a Free State - concert calendar

20 composers and their works performed by the five central Norwegian orchestral insitutions - here are the dates for the important events.

Music in a Free State

This concert calendar outlines the featured works, their composers, the performing orchestras as well as the various dates for the historically important events:

5.8./7.8.2004 Ludvig Irgens-Jensen: The Homeward Journey – Dramatic SymphonyTrondheim Symphony Orchestra
- St. Olav Festival
2.9.2004 Pauline Hall: Verlaine Suite Stavanger Symphony Orchestra
16.9.2004 Harald Sæverud: Symphony No 6 Trondheim Symphony Orchestra
16.9.2004 Geirr Tveitt: Piano Concerto No 4 - Aurore Boréale Bergen Philharmonic Orchestra
15.10.2004 Finn Mortensen: Concerto for Piano and Orchestra Oslo Philharmonic Orchestra
- Ultima Festival
21.10.2004 Fartein Valen: Sonetto di Michelangelo - Nenia - Cantico de Ringraziamento Bergen Philharmonic Orchestra
28.10.2004 Arne Nordheim: The Tempest - Suite Oslo Philharmonic Orchestra
14.1.2005 Antonio Bibalo: Symphony No 2 Norwegian Radio Orchestra
3.2.2005 Alfred Janson: Prelude - Concerto for Violin and Orchestra Oslo Philharmonic Orchestra
10.2.2005 Hjalmar Borgstrøm: The Thought - Symphonic Poem Trondheim Symphony Orchestra
18.2.2005 Gerhard Schjelderup: Brand - Symphonic Drama Norwegian Radio Orchestra
2.3.2005 Leif Halvorsen: Growth of the Soil (feature film on Hamsun's novel) Oslo Philharmonic Orchestra
1.4.2005 Rolf Wallin: Concerto for Clarinet and Orchestra Trondheim Symphony Orchestra
21.4.2005 Johan Halvorsen: Cantata for the Coronation 1906 Stavanger Symphony Orchestra
22.4.2005 Asbjørn Schaathun: Actions, Interpolations and Analyses Norwegian Radio Orchestra
28.4.2005 Ketil Hvoslef: Antigone - Symphonic Variations for Orchestra Bergen Philharmonic Orchestra
12.5.2005 Ragnar Söderlind: Symphony No 4 Norwegian Radio Orchestra
26./ 27.5.2005 Arvid Kleven: Symphonic Phantasy
Lasse Thoresen: Concerto for Hardanger Fiddle, Keyed Harp and Orchestra World Premiere
Stavanger Symphony Orchestra (- Bergen International Festival)
4.6.2005 Olav Anton Thommessen: A Glass Bead Game - World premiere Bergen Philharmonic Orchestra - Bergen International Festival

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