Solveig Kringlebotn: To a Friend

Listen to Norway continues with Solveig Kringlebotn: To a Friend

Solveig Kringlebotn: (cover) To a Friend

Ludvig Irgens-Jensen, the Norwegian composer who passed away in 1969, has recently gained increased attention. His songs are among the most beautiful and complete in Norwegian music literature. Now, Solveig Kringlebotn, one of the leading opera singers in Scandinavia, has picked her Irgens-Jensen favourites, among them Japanischer Frühling and Fabler og barnerim. Kringlebotn has a speciality for Norwegian songs as well as a wide operatic repertoire, and her voice sounds outstanding on this recording. She fills both simple and dramatic parts with the most natural elegance. Kringlebotn is well supported by Norrköping Symphony Orchestra, conductor Lu Jia, and pianist Einar Henning Smebye on this smooth production by Tony Harrison.

Solveig Kringlebotn: To a Friend (NMA)

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