Geir Lysne: Korall

Listen to Norway continues with Geir Lysne: Korall

Geir Lysne: (cover) Korall

Geir Lysne is the man behind the 20-piece orchestra Listening Ensemble, a unique constellation within European music. Established in 1999 and consisting of many of the most creative jazz and ethnic musicians in Norway, Germany, and Denmark (Jaga Jazzist, Silje Nergaard, Mari Boine), rave reviews have brought the ensemble to festivals and concert halls all over Europe. Geir Lysne is the musical director and the composer of the listening ensemble’s music. "Ingen vinner frem til den evige ro" is at the center of Korall. Norwegian folk singer Sondre Bratland interprets the church hymn from the depths of his heart. Like a lost soul, an electric guitar wails in the background, while an acoustic bass spits out dark threats. But when the horns enter, strong, bright, and magnificent, we can sense a musical hope for heaven. Korall is a manifestation of Geir Lysne’s vision of Nordic sound for a large ensemble.

Geir Lysne: Korall (ACT)

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