Trio Medieval received as queens in USA

Norwegian-Swedish Trio Mediaeval has just finished their American tour, and music critics had to dig out superlatives to describe the three female singers’ performances. The tour has confirmed the trio’s position among the top performers of medieval music in the world.

Trio Mediæval

The release of the trio’s second ECM album Soir dit elle brought Anna Maria Friman, Linn Andrea Fulgseth, and Torunn Østrem Ossum to the States. They have recently played in five American cities, and prestigious publications such as The Boston Globe, Billboard, and The Wall Street Journal have embraced them. New York Times printed a several pages long article where Trio Medieval were portrayed as inheritor of the niche Anonymous 4 left behind when they recently disbanded.
Time Out New York reported on the trio over a full page.

Trio Mediaevel’s previous record, Word of the Angel was a commercial success in the US, and the trio’s new management is Herbert Berret Management, one of the most important managements for vocal music in America. Later this year, the trio will tour Europe, before they return to the US for another tour in November. The trio’s repertoire is divided into three distinct stands: polyphonic medieval music from England and France, contemporary works and Norwegian medieval ballads and songs.

Here is what American media wrote about Trio Mediaeval:

“Make room for this extraordinary Scandinavian trio (…) They are jewels of a different hue. One thread that binds all these disparate compositions together is a fascination with the power of human voices alone, and Trio Mediaeval presents a shining example of just how enthralling that sound can be.”

“A room of extraordinary and consoling beauty.”
The Boston Globe

“The group is breathtaking (…) with every moment ready to bring a surprise.”
The Wall Street Journal

“As its members disperse, Anonymous 4 leaves behind the niche it largely created. And eager to fill it are three hip and lively Scandinavian women (…) All three singers, through highly individual in vocal color and approach function as high-flying sopranos, pure and bright.”
The New York Times

You can also read MlC's interview with Linn Andrea Fulgseth from Trio Mediaeval here.

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