Heading for Texas

Silver, El Caco, St. Thomas, Thomas Dybdahl, and The Jessica Fletchers are all added to the SXSW roster, North American music industry's most important forum. The young punks in Silver, who supported Turbonegro at their “Scandinavian Leather Tour”, are eager to show their glamorous White Diary. Released in January, the debut album has already created a fair amount of fuss among critics and punk lovers.


“I have great expectations for Silver over there, I think they will suite the American market. The potential is great, and they are still very young, the band members’ average age is 22. Their punk songs are strong, just as their attitude and image,” says Thomas Reim, Silver’s manager and managing director of Pilot Management.

Silver have kept on touring extensively and while still in their early twenties, they have more than 200 gigs under their belt including five German tours, stints to Austria, Sweden, Switzerland and they were supporting Turbonegro on their "Scandinavian Leather Tour".

Dirty punk
Silver’s debut album, White Diary (Bad Afro/VME) has been called “instant, glamorous and dirty punk” or “a Norwegian version of bands like Hanoir Rocks, Guns N’ Roses, and New York Dolls.” They made everyone curious at by:Larm in 2001, but it took them three years to present a long play album, which was released in Norway in early January, and will be released in Europe in March. Now, the five young guys have excited music journalists again, and the singles, Angles Calling is receiving a lot of radio airtime at Petre, Norwegian Broadcasting Corporation’s music channel.

Silver are joining four other Norwegian act to South By Southwest Music and Media Conference 17 – 21 March in Austin, Texas, a major festival, showcasing forum and tradeshow for the North American (and to a growing extent also the international) music industry. More than 15 000 participants gather in Texas for conferences, panel discussions, tradeshow marketing, networking and to see bands live at Austin's club stages.

Norwegian-Danish showcase
Silver, El Caco and Thomas Dybdahl are joining forces with Danish colleagues at SXSW as Norwegain Music Export (MEN) and ROSA (The Danish Rock Council) arrange a Scandinavian showcase. The purpose is to gain as much attention towards Norwegian and Danish bands, and an American promotion company is hired to spread the buzz about the young and hopeful Scandinavians. The Jessica Fletchers and St. Thomas are arranging their showcases through American contacts.

Inger Dirdal, managing director of MEN, will bring several promo CDs of Norwegian musician in eight categories along to Austin. MEN are just about to finish the last four. A group of qualified persons have selected the songs that are supposed to promote Norwegian music internationally. The eight genres are: pop, rock, metal, jazz, elektronica, classic, world music/traditonal, and blues/country.

“We are grateful that MEN have included Silver at the showcase, and we are working our asses off together with the Bad Afro label to make sure Silver get what they want from this trip,” says Thomas Reim.

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