By:Larm: from Frode Fivel to Null$katte$nylterne

MIC continues the by:Larm series, and present 30 more bands you need to learn about. Read about Lorrain's electro-rock, Lars Horntveth’s (Jaga Jazzist) solo projects, and the fast talking kids in Kids Love Wax.

Milestone Refinery

Frode Fivel
Frode Fivel is the singer, songwriter and guitarplayer from Hello Goodbye, and he provided his first effort as a solo artist on Honeymilk Records last fall. Joining him on the album we have among others Robert Burås (Madrugada), Eivind Schou (St. Thomas/Serena Maneesh) and Christoffer Schou (Remington Super 60.) The album received good reviews, and the man actually looks just like Will Oldham. Musically and appearance-wise.

The Gin and Tonic Youth
This is Per Steinar Lie Ørjan Haalands from The Low Frequency in Stereo’s new project. 60’s rock, funky 70’s groove, 80’s extravaganza, 90’s lo-fi and the rock of today. This is the way the band themselves describe their music, that ranges from catchy instrumental songs to screamin’ rock. Imagine a mix of The Zombies, Curtis Mayfield, Pavement and Dick Dale after one too many Red Bulls.

After ending his services as drummer in the band Pornshot, Gisli brought all his stuff and moved into the basement of Waterfall Music. He borrowed a room in exchange for changing a few lightbulbs and mow the lawn every now and then. The nice people of Waterfall let him play in the studio in nighttime, when nothing else was happening there. After a few months the man delievered a tape to them, which immediately got him signed to Waterfall Records, which resulted in a license to EMI UK. But Gisli himself was excited the most by a license to a label from his homecountry Iceland, with an advance payment in 12 bottles of excellent liquor. Gisli is know as Icelands answer to Beck.

Jose Gonzales (S)
Born in Sweden in 1978, with both parents being from Argentina. Has since the age of 7 lived in Gothenburg, Sweden. José was in the Black Flag inspired punkband Back Against The Wall from 1992 – 93. After that he joined the hardcore band Renascence, who released a single on Destination Records. After Renascence he switched to playing guitar in the indie band Only If You Call Me Jonathan. Besides his solo career, José also plays in Junip, who released the EP “Straight lines” in 2001. Inspired by the likes of Elliot Smith, Nick Drake and Low. Other sources of inspiration include Tortoise, Joy Division and Primal Scream. Gothenburg is swamped in great rock bands, but no one can make it sound as great with just six strings and acoustic songs as José Gonzáles. The best singer/songwriter in Sweden right now.

Groan Alone
Groan Alone is in fact Martin Hagfors, maybe best known as the man behind Home Groan, Cream of the Crop and HGH. You may have noiticed his in name in relation to artists and bands like Jaga Jazzist, Askil Holm, Brent, Respatexans/Hellbillies, Bønkers, Motorpsycho/Tussler Society etc, as a songwriter, musician or producer. It’s easy to get lost in the jungle of projects and aliases this man operates with, but one thing is sure; it’s about time he gets up from the underground, and out into the light.

Herr Nilsson
Herr Nilsson can be described as a Lo-Fi version of Håkan Helstrøm. After participating in the “No More Hi-Fi” compilation on Galant Records, the song was given a lot of rotation on the studentradio in Bergen. A live-debut was needed, and the oneman-show evolved into a band. After a dozen successfull gigs we will met a band with lots of confidence at this years by:Larm. Musically a breed of Flaming Lips` delicate melodies, Gram Parsons country-rock and Håkan Helstrøms happy sadness.

Johnny Hide
Number Seven Deli released their debut album in March 2003, and the press took a definite liking to them. The bands singer Johnny Hide also has this solo-project going on, and within the last year he has made more then enough songs to fill a whole album. Before we know it there will be a record out on Honeymilk Records. When not with Number Seven Deli, Johnny Hide has both his feet planted in the singer /songwriter tradition with referances to Richard Buckner, Ed Harcourt and Ron Sexsmith.

Lars Horntveth
Lars is the youngest in the Horntveth family (with older brother Martin and older sister Line), and he’s the youngest member of the 10 piece outfit Jaga Jazzist. He’s the musical leader and songwriter for Jaga Jazzist. This 23 year old guy has also written arrangements for bands like Turbonegro, Motorpsycho, Big Bang, Briskeby, Cato Salsa Experience, Richochets and Euroboys, among others. This february Lars Horntveth willl release his solo-album “Pooka” on Smalltown Supersound. “Pooka” is an instrumental pop album inspired by artists and bands like Charles Mingus, Robert Wyatt, Radiohead, Gil Evans, Bjørk, Cornelius, Angelo Badalamenti, Miles Davis, Kronos Quartet and early Tom Waits. Lars Horntveth has alot in common with the electronica genre, but all instruments on his record are recorded live (Clarinet, bass clarinet, soprano- and tenor saxophone, acoustic- and electric guitar, bass guitar, piano, keyboards and violin) while the string-arrangments are perfomed by an 8 piece orchestra. Thanks to The Norwegian Jazzforum, he will bring this string orchestra to by:Larm.

Hanne Hukkelberg
Hanne Hukkelberg has for the last two years been writing songs and lyrics, while recording the songs on her minidisc as well as recording with producer Kåre Chr. Vestrheim. The first record by this promising artist has been named ”Cast Anchor”, and it was released not long ago on Propeller Records. ”Cast Anchor EP is astonishingly beautiful” (BA) ”The most promising EP of the year” (Dagbladet)

The Indikation
Ex. members of among others Kåre & The Cavemen, Los Plantronics, The Phantoms, Beat Bandits and various other bands, makes up for the band called The Indikation. Since their beginning in 2000 they’ve earned a great reputation in their hometown Oslo, as well as lots of fans in the beat/r&b-scene in Europe and the US. The Indikation makes it sound like we’re living in 1965, and offers genuine and authentic beat/r&b. A complete sound and a complete image.

In Sweix
Erik Weststrand aka In Sweix lives in Bergen and creates synth and melodica-music. Quiet and very beautiful electronica, created for people with a heart for melancholy. Has previously released songs like: 12 knop, 1781 meter and Lila Schweiz. Erik love it minimalistic, which proves you don’t need the most expensive equipment to create nice music. A mic, an old synthesizer and melodica is all he needs to get his message across.

Electronic pop from Bergen, consistent of Kjetil Bjøreid Aabø on computers, Tor Erik Olsen on gitar and Marius Lynghjem on samples and vocals.

John´s Epic
“Sometimes a melody can sneak in on you from behind the corner of a house. You don’t hear it in the beginning, because it’s quiet. But you notice it anyway, and take it with you on your way.” This is how John´s Epic describe themselves, and they play melodic music with a soothing touch. Based in Oslo, and about a year old.

The Trondheim-based band KaRL BaRX has evolved from a messy Lo-Fi band to a much more complex and mature band on their last effort. Their strange rock is hard to pinpoint, but their sonic endevaours does not camoflauge their love for driving and special pop melodies. “ KaRL BaRX charmed my ass off with their debut-EP “Why don´t you love KaRL BaRX?.....” (Adresseavisen)

Kids Love Wax
Pass It Records is known for releasing some of the best hip hop this country has to offer. Equicez (nominated for Alarm) got a 6/6 in 12 newspapers when their debut album came out. But there’s more to come. The collective Dirty Oppland, with the two exceptional kids Jaa9 and Onkl P, has been given alot of attention in Norway, and these kids are also nominated for the Alarm-award. Not bad for a record you can hardly find anywhere. Talents like Vivi, Kids Love Wax, Name and Ark Manifest are people we will hear alot more about. In Bergen, Pass It were offered a whole night to convince the people that what they have to offer is some of the best stuff out there.

Kleen Kut
This kid is the town of Lillestrøm’s son of hip hop, nothing less. He’s been promising for quite some time, and has proved his quality through singles and compilation-tracks, rap’ing on Paperboys’ “Moving Up”. Also in the live-setting, he has turned out to be a great performer, through perfomances on VG Topp 20 and Norwegian Hood in 2000 and 2001. Kleen Cut is ready to take over the hip hop throne.

The Kulta Beats
This band has only been around for a year or so, but with their energetic garage rock they’ve already made a big name for themselves. Floating psychedelia and melancholic pop. Inspired by modern litterature, bad popular culture, 60’s garagerock and 80’s indie. You’ll find records from The Creation, The Sonics, New Order, The Go-Betweens and Sonic Youth in their collections.

Learning From Las Vegas (DK)
Although they’ve never been to Las Vegas, this band has learned alot from Robert Venturi’s book on post-modernistic architecture, which is where they got their name from. Although the band has a more traditional view on songwriting, they’re far away from what you may think of as “mainstream”. They’ve moved from classic indierock to emotional melancholy to standard rock’n’roll, but always with a twist. Their last album, ”Richard og Liz”, was produced by Thomas Troelsen of Superheroes, which is another band on Crunchy Frog. They are reaching new heights with this album.

Sondre Lerche
”Two Way Monologue” is the title of Sondre Lerches follow-up to the highly acclaimed debut album ”Faces Down”, and it is said to be released in February/March. This album was also recorded in Bergen – with helping hands from HP Gundersen and Jørgen Træen (Jaga Jazzist/ Kaizers Orchestra/ Magnet). The title is supposed to be taken from one of the most important songs on the album, and rumours claim this will be the first track to be released as a single. Sources have informed us that we will encouter a energetic and catchy Sondre Lerche on “Two Way Monologue”. At by:Larm, the 21-year old will be on home turf, with a new CD in his backpocket, and we look forward to it.

The Lionheart Brothers
The album “White Angel Black Apple” from The Lionheart Brothers, was voted by alot of people as the best record of 2003. With their floating guitar-based indierock, and with the drive of british alternative pop, they have gotten a lot of fans. Referances like My Bloody Valentine, Swervedriver, Telescopes, Pale Saints and Velvet Underground are valid, so is the king of harmony, Brian Wilson. “…The end result is very mature, beautiful and that promising, that you can hardly believe it. ” (Adresseavisa. 6/6) “Behind one of the cutest bandnames in the world, you have three princes with their indierock-knittings well in order” (Dagbladet, 5/6)

Last year Lorraine finally released their debutalbum. This Bergen-trio has despite their young age, been touring extensively both in and outside of Norway for quite some time, and has slowly but steadily built themselves an audience. The record company Rec90 are betting all their money on this band, and the album “The Perfect Cure” is distributed all over Europe. In lack of a better description, they call their music “Electro-rock”.

Lukestar has been an important part of the Oslo music-scene for quite some time, but lately they’ve made much more of a name for themselves. Their debut album was recorded in the summer of 2003, and proves the fact that this band is on their way to became a force to be reckoned with. This fourpiece play driving and energetic rock with strong pop-melodies to boost. People like JR Ewing’s Erlend Mokkelbost, producer Tommy Hjelm (The Cumshots, JR Ewing’s “Ride Paranoia”) and Kjetil Draugedal (Jim Stärks 1st album) has helped Lukestar on their way. Last fall was a busy period for the band, as they’ve toured all over Norway with Amulet, as well as preparing for the release of their debut album.

With MAO, we’re talking about an allstar band from Bergen, in the country vein of things. MAO consists of HP Gundersen, Sgt. Petter and all of Real Ones in one band. Their songs are based on their own material, as well as interpretation of known and unknown country-rock songs. They’ve been around for a year, and has done 10 shows by now, including Nattjazzen and the Urban Cowboy Festival in Oslo. They plan to go into studio this spring.

Mayflies - ZOOMTOUR
4 years old and full of optimism Erik Salvesen was brought to the circus in hometown Stavanger. It would be the last time he ever went there. The screams. The stench. The suffering. The empty look in their eyes. Never again. Twenty years later he had to put this down in musical writing, and he created lots of songs. As a unit Mayflies wrap up their songs in old tweed, while the drummer hits as hard as he can, to make it sound just right. Welcome to the circus from hell, circus noir. Mayflies were one of this years winners of Zoom.

Milestone Refinery
Milestone Refinery was formerly called Long Range Desert Group. The people from this band all have different musical backgrounds - ranging from electronica (Sternklang) and jazz, to movie music to rock (Madrugada). Stereolab, just slower, spiced with additional elements of Neil Young and Brian Eno. Milestone Refinery just completed their first LP, which was recorded in a castle in Böhmen, as well as at the National Theatre in Oslo.

Members from Zyklon and Source of Tide. This band plays metal based on intensity, aggression and groove. Today Mindgrinder is a hybrid of deathmetal and trash – a mix they call extreme metal. Signed to Nocturnal Art Productions, they are now ready to release their first album.

Molo Africa
Molo Africa consists of five yong musicians who loves southafrican jazz, especially “cape jazz”, a form of jazz that has come out of Cape Town. Molo Africa offers up a warm dose of energetic sunshine jazz.

The band was formed in 2001 under the name Johnny Liban & The one man band Allstars. Some might recognize the band from last years by:Larm in Trondheim. The name Johnny Liban Supreme Quartet has also been used, before they found their real name. This is strange, and eccentric muic – mostly composed on a computer program mostly used for short soundbites. Navy Electre has been working on releasing their record all fall, but due to unexplainable reasons this has not happened. We wish them good luck, and we hope Chewpine Records gets their record out to the people before by:Larm

Noelle is one hell of a soul and r’n’b-artist from Oslo – with a beautiful and astonishing voice. She’s worked with Paperboys/Isaac Swing’s producers, and maybe Noelle is the new hope for the future in the r’n’b world of things? Noelle is competing against Vivi and Winta in the battle for the soul-diva throne of Norway. Let’s hope ‘the cats keep it cool’.

The band Null$katte$nylterne play straightforward rock’n’roll, and sing about getting drunk, fingering girls, fucking shit up, partying and finish crosscountry skiers. Despite being very young, The $nylters are known as legends in Trondheim. Even Norway’s answer to Bruce Springsteen, Åge Aleksandersen, has namedropped Null$katte$nylterne as his fave band. The last couple of years they’ve toured their asses of on the continent, which has resulted in tons of letters from young, German girls.

The biographies are written by by:Larm

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