Arctic Frost at the Beachclub

Slow and steady, electronica duo Frost is spreading their chilly music to new audiences. To celebrate the UK release of their Melodica album, they are warming up their British audience at Beachclub in London next week.

Frost, 2002

“We don’t have big budgets, so we have picked the UK as the country where we hope to break through, we can’t go for all of Europe at once. We are working step-by-step, and we know that the world will not change by one concert, Aggie says modest about her upcoming London show. Still, she admits that she is excited about what the press will write.

But after reading Time Out, London’s bible to what's hot and what's not, and their teaser of the concert, it seems like Peterson can lower her shoulders; “Occasionally, very occasionally, an album is so incredible that it makes you sit back in your uncomfortable office seat and think ‘wow’. Frost is such a band, ‘Melodica’ such an album, and singer Aggie Peterson such a femme fatale. Lush, sweeping, sparkly, quirky heartbreaking, post-synth pop… the adjectives could go on and on,” Time Out states.

Finally UK release
Aggie Peterson is the femme part of Frost. Her better half is house- and techno-partner Per Martinsen. Accompanying them at the Notting Hill Arts Club’s Beachclub is Joakim Hougland, the man behind the Smalltown Supersound label. Melodica has been available on import earlier, but will be released in the UK on the very day of the concert on FrostWorld Recordings through Shellshock distribution. Hopeful, a release in more European countries will follow. For some reasons, the album is already available in Taiwan, in addition to the US, Sweden, and Denmark.

But right now, Peterson is still situated in icy Oslo, working on her new Mac in her new mini-studio. She is working with music full time, except one day a week. That day, she congregates with numerous students to discover the secrets of aesthetics at the University of Oslo.

“I never found any programs that suited me until I discovered aesthetics, where you can combine topics you are interested in such as movies, music, media, etc,” Peterson says, who is on her way to a bachelor in the aesthetics.
“The whole image is important to me, both when it comes to music, clothes and design. My mum has made our web site, and I have drawn the little girls on the Frost merchandise site. They are fun to play around with, and makes the whole site more cartoonish.” (Frost has a secret site for those especially interested. Look for a star…)

International gigs in Norway
In addition to working on a new album, studying aesthetics, and drawing cute cartoons, Peterson is filling her time with exciting gigs the next few weeks. She will be onstage as BBC Radio 1 record from club Sunkissed at Blå 24 January. Also, Frost is one of the headlines at the upcoming Wuha, a festival organised by Dugnad 2004 to collect money to foreign aid projects in Ethiopia and Eritrea (MIC English will publish an article about the project tomorrow). In addition, artists such as Bugge Wesseltoft, Home Groan, Wibutee, Equicez, Briskeby, and Surferosa are showing solidarity with starved children in the two East African countries. Another foreign related gig Peterson is working on, is a charity concert in Oslo in March with the a Sri Lankian dance group, where all income will be donated to needing children with dysfunctions in Sri Lanka.
”A neighbour of mine, a doctor, is from Sri Lanka. He travels to Sri Lanka and India every year, so he is updated on the rough situation in the war-stricken country. Once a year, they have this concert here in Oslo with Sri Lankian music, theatre, and classical Indian dancing. It will be exciting to combine electronic music with their Asian instruments. Hopefully, we’ll be able to attract each other’s audiences to the show,” Peterson says.

But before anything else, London is calling for Frost.

Inspiring Aggie Peterson right now:

-Music, of course.
-Kraftwerk (warming up for the concert in Oslo in February!)
-Prefuse 73
-Rune Grammofon’s anniversary cd, Money Will Ruin Everything (totally agree!)
-Mew, Frengers
-Joakim, Are You Vegetarian
-The mp3 player I got for Christmas. I have copied my records, and listen to them thourogly again.
-Movies. I am going to see lots of movies at Tromsø International Film Festival this weekend. I am so fortunately to be in the Film from North-jury, so I can see plenty movies in short time.
-Books. Right now, I am reading JT Leroy, The Heart Is Deceitful of All Things.
-Agnar Mykle, Sangen om den røde rubin/The Song of the Red Ruby - 1956 (about time to read it)
-People I meet, friends and family, and people who are portrayed in documentaries on TV.
-My studies at the University, lots of history, also art history.

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