The Bergen Philharmonic Orchestra to tour Spain

Under the leadership of its new conductor, Andrew Litton, the Bergen Philharmonic Orchestra heads for Spain to present a varied and rich programme.

Andrew Litton

The Bergen Philharmonic Orchestra’s upcoming Spain tour will be the first international venture under the leadership of the orchestra’s new conductor, Andrew Litton.

During the Nov. 11 – 23 tour, the orchestra will present two different touring programmes, the first being Maurice Ravel’s Piano Concerto in G-major and Gustav Mahler’s Symphony No.7. The second featured programme contains three works: Egil Hovland’s “Fanfare og koral”, Adam Katsjaturjan’s Concerto for piano and orchestra as well as Dimitrij Shostakovitch’s Symphony No. 10.

French pianist Jean-Yves Thibaudet, a well-known performer on the European circuit, is the tour’s featured soloist.

The concert dates can be found in the calendar section (link below).

Bergen Philharmonic Orcestra was established in 1765, thus making it one of the oldest orchestras in Europe. It's known as one of Norway's finest orchestras, and in 1996 it attained the status of National Symphony Orchestra together with The Oslo Philharmonic Orchestra.

The Orchestra continues to have an active recording and touring schedule, and has in recent years played concerts in Japan, Switzerland, France, Spain, Poland, and Austria just to name a few.

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