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Turbonegro is undoubtedly one of Norway’s hottest music export items these days. Recently the infamous death punkers wrapped up a highly successful US tour - the Norwegian US Embassy’s News of Norway publication interviewed the band and loyal followers in Washington. Read News of Norway’s "Turbo Tattoo" article here.


Says Turbonegro vocalist Hans Erik Dybvik Husby aka Hank Von Helvete aka Hertis to News of Norway prior to entering the stage of Washington’s Black Cat club: “…we’re about as excited as the crowd, I think” says the vocalist and continues to elaborate on the band’s massive success: “We create a show for them (the audience), a show that appeals to their need to follow something, be it a beat, an image, a feeling of camaraderie or whatever. We provide them with an outlet for their energy, and they provide us with a great deal of motivation to come back and do it all over again.”

Read the full article here.

Turbonegro are also scheduled for a UK tour in December. The tour will coincide with the release of the band’s third single from the acclaimed “Scandinavian Leather” album that was released earlier this year on Sweden’s Burning Heart Records. The “Sell your body (to the night)” single is out in the UK on December 15. Read more here.

Turbonegro devotees can vote for the “Sell your body (to the night)” video at the MTV Up North Chart here.

Turbonegro’s classic anthem “Age of Pamparius” will also be featured as the new theme tune of a new upcoming Jackass series.

Earlier this autumn Turbonegro was awarded the coveted “Spirit of Independence” at the annual Kerrang! awards.

Recently Turbonegro signed a new deal with Swedish based management Talent Trust, thus ending their collaboration with Norwegian management Unit.

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