Jaga Jazzist: The Stix

MIC’s Listen to Norway profile series continues with Jaga Jazzist’s "The Stix".

Jaga Jazzist

Jaga Jazzist’s second full-length album solidified the ten-man strong collective’s position as one of Norway’s most vital acts. More than anything, it signifies the outfits arrival on the international stage as a respected live-band and genre-pushing studio stalwarts. Jaga Jazzist achieve what other acts struggle to do; to breathe organic life into electronica and fuse it with elements of improvisation. The end result is an injection of youthful energy and unrestrained creativity into the veins of current electronica with a tasteful addition of post-rock and noise to the brew. Jaga Jazzist’s legendary live-qualities are well preserved on “The Stix” – solid playing on real instruments is skilfully coupled with carefully programmed passages with the right amount of dirt and grit added.

Jaga Jazzist: The Stix (Warner Music Norway AS – 50500466-0430-2-3)

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