New LTN titles

A new batch of Listen to Norway promotion packages are soon ready to ship to its recipients all over the globe. If you’re not on the list of the selected few recipients you can now get a sneak preview of the titles that are poised for international impact.


Twice a year, MIC ships out some 35 titles to more than 250 recipients all over the world. With solid assistance from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, journalists, media representative, organisation officials, researchers and others are supplied with extensive packages of records and artist profiles. The selected releases represent last year’s strongest releases within their genres and make up for an impressive cross section of Norwegian cultural life.

Over the last year, MIC has introduced a wider audience to the rich sounds that have previously been reserved for the LTN resipients. At, release presentations, streaming audio and music download services have been published since last November, bringing out the Listen to Norway titles to an audience that otherwise would have a hard time tracking down the releases that can be difficult to obtain.

A new batch of packages is now ready to ship, but as a service to our readers (and listeners) MIC can now offer a sneak preview of the titles with accompanying profiles and audio. We kick off the latest LTN round with some of the last year’s strongest pop/rock/hip-hop/andeverythinginbetween releases.

These are the latest additions to the rich and diverse LTN list:

Dadafon – “Visitor”
Thomas Dybdahl – “That Great October Sound”
Ephemera – “Air”
Folk & Røvere – “Bagateller”
Furia – “…and then we married the world”

Read more on the Listen to Norway promotion programme here and here.

More profiles will follow soon.

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