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October 22 to 26 will see the Norwegian participants to Womex 2003 following up on efforts made at fairs Midem and Popkomm. The focus will be on ethnic, world and traditional music as key Norwegian industry representatives congregate Sevilla, Spain to promote the distinct qualities of the scene.

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Pop and rock music has its forum at Midem and Popkomm, and the Norwegian participation at these fairs has grown over the last couple of years. The World Music Expo Womex is widely regarded as the world's premier networking point dedicated to world, roots, folk, ethnic, traditional and local music of all kinds. Intent on matching the results achieved at Popkomm and Midem, representatives of Norway’s ethnic/world/roots scene will be represented at a joint Womex-stand.

The Norwegian delegation comprises record labels, concert agencies, managements and festivals as well as music export and information bodies. The overall objective remains the same for all participants; to promote Norwegian music. Perhaps inspired by the increasing success of Norwegian popular music, the world and ethnic scene is also intent on being part of the positive development and gain increased international attention. One thing remains certain; this will be the strongest Norwegian presence at Womex ever.

Norway at WOMEX 2003:

Grappa Musikkforlag
Strong independent record label that houses respected imprints Heilo, Supernova and Simax. The artist roster is strong and varied, and examples of the vibrant performers include Floweryard, Annbjørg Lien, Bukkene Bruse and Sigmund Groven.
Representative: Mr. Helge Westbye

Kirkelig Kulturverksted (KKV)
Veteran independent label with focus on high audio quality recordings that have found a wider international audience through acclaimed and varied releases. Current artist focus is on elf-punk songstress Rebekka, string master Knut Reiersrud and singer/songwriter veteran Kari Bremnes.
Representative: Ms Hege Marit Folkestad

Music Export Norway
The co-ordinating body for the Norwegian representation at WOMEX 2003. An active resource centre that caters to exporters of Norwegian music and serves as an important outlet for information on Norwegian bands, performers, companies and institutions.
Representative: Ms. Inger Dirdal

Music Information Centre Norway
A resource centre whose aim is to contribute to increased domestic and international impact for Norwegian music of all genres. Main activities centre on web-publishing of music information through MIC’s two web-sites (mic.no/english and www.ballade.no) as well as various promotion and information projects.
Representative: Mr. Tomas Lauvland Pettersen

Key distributor on the Norwegian market. Representing some of the finest audiophile recordings available in the marketplace, Musikkoperatørene maintains a diverse profile with its partner labels that include such respected companies as Simax Classics, Hot Club Records, Curling Legs, Heilo, Grappa, 2L, DAT, NORCD and many more.
Representative: Ms. Stine Farstad

Independent record label with a highly respected and long-standing position on the Norwegian scene. Key artists include Cissokho System, Utla, Isglem, Berit Opheim and Terje Isungset. The label’s catalogue contains more than 50 albums with a focus on folk and world-music.
Representatives: Mr. Karl Seglem Mr. Kaare Thomsen

Raven Records
Trondheim-based indie focussing on diversity and innovation with a basis in traditional sounds. Main artists include the stunning vocal/piano duo Aire & Angels as well as renowned guitarist Adreas Aase whose aim is to revitalise and renew traditional music from the Trøndelag area in Norway.
Representative: Mr. Gunnar Andreas Berg

The Norwegian Concert Institute
The aim of The Norwegian Concert Institute is to make music of high quality available for all Norwegians regardless of their place of residence. School concerts, concert series, tours, bilateral co-operation and a wealth of cultural projects solidify The Norwegian Concert Institute’s position as a vital institution on the Norwegian music scene.
Representatives: Ms. Anne Moberg Mr. Tom Gravlie

2L (Lindberg Lyd)
Another strong independent label with integrity and releases that are characterised by unusually high audio quality. Key artists include Majorstuen, Flukt, Vintermåne and Tron Steffen Westberg.
Representatives: Mr. Morten Lindberg Mr. Ketil Hustad

Independent record label focussing on releases by Sami artists. The artist roster represents some of Samiland’s strongest artists and range from Johan Sara Jr. to Anders Bongo and Orbina.
Representatives: Mr. Per L. Boine Ms. Kristina Utsi

Førde Folk Music Festival
One of Scandinavia’s central folk/world/crossover festivals. Rich and varied programme with a wide scope and focus.
Representatives: Ms. Hilde Bjørkum Mr. Karianne Holmen

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