Vertavo String Quartet: Béla Bartók - String Quartets

MIC’s Listen to Norway profile series continues with Vertavo String Quartet’s "Béla Bartók - String Quartets".

Vertavo String Quartet - Bela Bartok - String Quartets

Bartók’s six String Quartets represent half a century of music. The quartets span from the beginning to the first half of the last century, and differ from each other harmonically, expressively and dynamically. The all-female Vertavo String Quartet takes on the monumental task of conveying Bartók’s soul that is mirrored in his works. With a confidence that we can only envy them, the Vertavo String Quartet perform Bartók’s abrupt rhythms, broad sonorous fields and dissonant passages like few string quartets have done before them. The level of musicianship on display is stunning and the deep interplay is a result of more than 18 years of work. Bartók’s works have followed the Vertavo String Quartet throughout its rise to acknowledgement, and the quartet pays on this album a dignified homage to the master.

Vertavo String Quartet: Béla Bartók – String Quartets (Simax Classics PSC1197)

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