A power trio in the true meaning of the word, Cloroform conjures up images of anger and despair but also finesse and competence on their upcoming fifth album “Hey you let’s kiss”.

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Few bands of Cloroform’s size can rival the true energy created by this fine-tuned and tightly knit unit. Double bass, drums, keys and distorted vocals form the frame for Cloroform’s turbo-charged antics that defy genres and pre-conceived notions of what’s possible in a trio format.

“Hey you let’s kiss” (Kaaa Records) is Cloroform’s fifth album since the release of their debut, “Deconstruction” in 1998. Since then, the now classic “All Scars” (1999), Do the Crawl (2000) and the 2001 remix-album “Scrawl” have all garnered strong reviews and spawned hectic touring.

The line-up consists of one of the strongest rhythm-sections on the Oslo circuit; Øyvind Storesund (of Wunderkammer, Kaizers Orchestra and Frode Gjerstad trio fame) on double and electric basses and drummer Børge Fjordheim – best known for his stint as pop icon Morten Abel’s drummer. Handling keys (most notably his trademark distorted clavinet) is John Erik Kaada, renowned film-score producer and acclaimed solo artist. Kaada has spent the last two years focussing on his solo career, which has seen his “Thank you for giving me your valuable time” album (2001) released world-wide through Mike Patton’s Ipecac label.

Cloroform’s live performances are of a legendary calibre and is a key factor when one tries to explain the trio’s loyal following. Over a very hectic three year period, Cloroform played more than 400 gigs around Norway, earning the power trio a devoted horde of fans. Unfortunately, the hectic touring took its toll, and the band decided to call it quits some two years ago. Kaada focussed on his solo career, while the rhythm section found itself in demand as sought after freelancers. However, the urge to experience that unique Cloroform interplay grew over time prompting a studio reunion earlier this year. After having spent nearly a month tweaking knobs in the studio, the trio was left with ample raw material for a fifth album: 71 songs! The number of songs was scaled down to the 14 featured on the album that evolved into “Hey you let’s kiss” which sees its Norwegian release on September 1.

Says John Erik Kaada on Cloroform’s upcoming album: “Cloroform is sort of a cleansing detergent for body and soul. We don’t spend much time contemplating what we do - we just do what feels right for us. We’ve got a lot of pain that needs to get out, and this is reflected on the album. We’ve managed to redefine ourselves, to find the essence. Now we’ve recorded the album we’ve always been dreaming of. “

Song titles such as “Blood! On my wheels” and “Hostile Take-over” signify a shift in direction toward a heavier and more sinister side. With a sparse instrumentation of drums, double bass and distorted keys, Cloroform spew out a concoction of anger and darkness but also rhythmic finesse and harmonic elegance. Straddling the narrow divides that separate free jazz from hardcore and cut n’ paste electronica, Cloroform creates a hybrid that lacks equals on any musical scene.

As of writing, international release dates for “Hey you let’s kiss” are yet to be confirmed. What remains certain is that the album will see world-wide release coupled with touring.

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