Positive sales trends continue

In contrast to the rest of the world, the positive Norwegian sales trend continues. Sales in 2003’s first half are up 6 % up compared to 2002.

Sales are up

A total of 5,7 million albums and 0,5 mill. singles have been sold in the first half of 2003. The accumulated sales turnover amounts to NOK 387 mill. Compared to 2002, this clearly shows a growth of 6% in volume and 2% in value.

The positive trends of the Norwegian record market is a stark contrast to most comparable countries which are experiencing declining sales.

The percentage of domestic repertoire is also steadily growing. Sales of domestic releases have an increase of 22% in volume compared to last year, resulting in a 16% stake of the total market for Norwegian recording artists.

Classical repertoire accounts for 5% of the total market.

A governing trend indicates that all categories, with an exception for domestic releases, increase more in volume than in value. In other words, most units shifted - bar the Norwegian releases - have been sold at a lower price in 2003 than that of last year.

Sales of music DVDs is also growing. If the sales of DVDs featuring music is added to the record sales statistics, the total growth amounts to 7% in volume and 3% in value compared to 2002. Releases such as “Led Zeppelin – dvd” and “Turbonegro – The Movie” have contributed to a boost in sales of music DVDs.

Says the Association of Norwegian Record Distributors’ Øivind Svendby on the DVD growth: “So far this year, Norwegian distributors have sold 70% more music DVDs compared to last year’s first six months. A total of 100 000 music DVDs have been shifted in the first half of 2003”.

A majority of the units shifted, 79% to be exact, can be filed in the “international pop-music” category. “These releases include all artists within the genre with a record deal outside Norway. This category also includes such central Norwegian acts as a-ha and Röyksopp which are signed to foreign record labels” says Øivind Svendby.

Market shares June 2003:

Universal 28,3% (+1,3%)
EMI Recorded Music 21,2% (+3,6%)
Sony 14,3% (+1,4%)
BMG 9,6% (-1,6%)
Warner 6,1% (-2,4%)
Bonnier Amigo 3,5% (+0,7%)
VME 2,5% (-1,2%)
Tylden 2,5% (+1,6%)
Arcade 2,4% (-1,5%)
Playground 2,2% (-0,1%)
Master Music/Naxos 1,9% (-2%)
Tuba 1,8% (+1%)
Bare Bra Musikk 1,7% (-0,3%)
KKV 0,5% (-0,7%
MNW 0,4% (-0,1%)
Other 1% (-0,8%)

Total turnover amounts to NOK 73,8 million.

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