Lene Marlin set for come-back

After years of speculations, delays and setbacks Lene Marlin is now finally ready to follow up on her hugely successful "Playing My Game" album. July 28 will see the official release of her first single in four years and a new album is scheduled for release on September 22.

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“You weren’t there” is the title of the first Lene Marlin track to be released in nearly four years - the single will be released for radio play on July 28. September 22 is the official release date for Marlin’s second album – titled “Another Day”.

“Another Day” has been recorded in London and is produced by Mike Hedges, known for his collaborations with such artists as U2, The Cure, Manic Street Preachers and Travis. Lene Marlin is now in the final process of finishing the album together with EMI/Virgin’s Hans Olav Grøttheim.

Lene Marlin is to date one of Norway’s most successful artists on an international level. Her debut album, “Playing My Game” which was released in 1999, has since then sold more than 1,5 million copies. Her singles have sold in excess of 2 mill.

However, things have been quiet for the last couple of years. Her last statements to the press were made at the 2000 Norwegian Grammy Awards when she was honoured with four Spelemannsprisen awards. Since then the release dates for a follow-up album have been continuously postponed and Marlin herself has avoided any contact with media.

A bitter dispute with her manager, Arne Svare of Stageway, has been cited as one of the reasons for the delays. It is not known whether if this dispute has been solved yet. EMI/Virgin’s Hans Olav Grøttheim refuses to comment on this matter in an interview with Norwegian daily VG: “Lene Marlin is an EMI/Virgin recording artist. Any additional contractual obligations that she’s involved in is not our business”:

“Another Day” will be released throughout European and Asian territories in parallel with the Norwegian release on September 22.

This is the tentative “Another Day’s” track-listing:

1. Another Day
2. Faces
3. You Weren’t There
4. From This Day
5. Sorry
6. My Love
7. Whatever It Takes
8. Fight Against The Hours
9. Disguise
10. Story

The track-listing is subject to change as the album is not completely finalised yet.

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