Kaada teams up with Mike Patton for European tour

Renowned and multi-talented band-leader, keyboardist, vocalist and film score composer John Erik Kaada joins Mike Patton and his new hard-hitting outfit Tomahawk for a European tour.

Listen to a 30 second clip of Popman – a single from one of John Erik Kaada’s projects: Cloroform
Listen to more tracks or buy Cloroform’s entire Do The Crawl album

Kaada live (photo: www.kaada.com)

John Erik Kaada is as energetic and hard working as they come. The twentysomething has released a string of acclaimed releases with power-trio Cloroform, composed scores for some of the later years most central Norwegian films and has released a praised solo-album – “Thank you for giving me your valuable time”. In between scoring new film music and recording an upcoming Cloroform album, Kaada has found time to hit the road to support the international release of his solo album.

The next weeks will see Kaada and his backing band touring Germany, Belgium, Holland and the UK together with former Faith No More vocalist Mike Patton and his new band; Tomahawk. Joining the Norwegian electronica producer and the hard-hitting US outfit is also legendary rockers Melvins. All three acts are signed to Mike Patton’s Ipecac label which released Kaada’s “Thank you for giving me your valuable time” in February.

“Thank you for giving me your valuable time” has collected some very positive reviews since its release. A few quotes: ”Never without genius. Color this the best record of 2003. Already!” (Magnet Magazine). ”Simply put, Kadaa has more soul than Moby, and when his samples mourn life’s miseries (as is the case with the devastating “Please don’t ever leave me / If you do I’ll go craaaazy” loop at the heart of “Burden”) he presents them in gloomy, ominous habitats. “Burden” wouldn’t sound out of place next to one of the more haunting Residents songs. And yet, it’s all perfectly danceable ” (Dusted). “ A bit strange, yes? Yes. But, like a stout pint of Oslo’s Eagle Super Strong Beer, also wickedly intoxicating” (Entertainment Weekly).

A new Cloroform album is in the making, and is scheduled for release September 1. The album has been tentatively named “Hey you let’s kiss”. More info on the energetic power trio can be found here.

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