The Fruit is Still Fresh - Cato Salsa Experience return with new album

They made headlines with their debut album A Good Tip for a Good Time - now Cato Salsa Experience return with a follow-up: The Fruit is Still Fresh.

Listen to a 30 second clip of Cato Salsa Experience’s So, the circus is back in town single
Listen to more tracks or buy Cato Salsa Experience’s A good tip for a good time album

Cato Salsa Experience Live (photo: Lena Anette Pedersen)

June 2nd will see the release of Cato Salsa Experience’s long awaited second album: The Fruit is Still Fresh. Cato Salsa released their debut album A Good Tip for a Good Time in 2000 – an album that has grown steadily in popularity since then. The release was subsequently picked up by US label Emperor Norton for world-wide release with an exception for Japan where giant Sony Music picked up the rights for the album. Since then, things have definitely gone the right way for Cato Salsa Experience. The Japanese market proved to be receptive for Cato Salsa’s 60’s garage infused sound, resulting in good performances on national sales charts and gigs with crowds in excess of 15 000. Cato Salsa have also completed a very successful US tour with Swedish rockers Soundtrack of Our Lives as well as festival and club gigs all over Europe.

A Good Tip for a Good Time picked up rave reviews in a slew of publications such as NME, Rolling Stone, Village Voice and Vanity Fair. The album, which is still selling well, will soon reach 40 000 copies shifted.

Cato Salsa Experience are confirmed to play festivals Roskilde in Denmark, Dour in Belgium, Emmaboda and Hultsfred in Sweden. For a complete overview of Cato Salsa’s live dates, check out MIC’s calendar.

Want to listen to excerpts from the upcoming Cato Salsa album? Want to buy it long before it’s available at your local record store? Log on to Cato Salsa’s site at MIC’s download services, Listen to Norway, to experience The Fruit is Still Fresh as high-quality streaming audio or purchase single tracks or the complete album.

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