Twelve Norwegian acts confirmed to Roskilde Festival

The increased impact of Norwegian music is evident on Roskilde Festival’s roster: no less than twelve Norwegian bands are set to play Scandinavia’s biggest festival.

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Turbonegro 2002

Cato Salsa Experience, Equicez, Frost, Gåte, Immortal, Kaizers Orchestra, Mad Con, Sgt. Petter, Salvatore, Son of Light, Turbonegro and Xploding Plastix are the Norwegian bands now confirmed to play the Roskilde Festival in Denmark which runs from June 26-29.

Cato Salsa Experience are in the midst of frantic activity as their A good tip for a good time album is being released world-wide by their US label Emperor Norton. Cato Salsa toured the US successfully last autumn as a support act for Swedish band The Soundtrack of our Lives. Cato Salsa are also confirmed to play festivals Hultsfred and Emmaboda as well as Øya in Norway

Equicez hit the jackpot with their debut album State of Emergency. Few if any other past Nrowegian hip-hop albums have been met with such euphoria among the nation’s critics. State of Emergency has been hailed as a masterpiece and milestone in Norwegian hip-hop, and if Equicez’ F.EM One and Cast transfer some of the album’s captivating energy to their Roskilde live-set, then the audience is in for something special.

Frost, aka Aggie Peterson hails from Norwegian electronica’s birthplace Tromsø, and has so far released two influential albums as a solo artist. With solid assistance from her significant other, techno/electronica veteran Per Martinsen (of Illumination/Mental Overdrive fame), Frost released last year Melodica - a warm, soulful and sparking electronica album that solidifyed her status as one of the genre’s most vital acts. Supported by companion Martinsen and percussionist Anders Hunstad, Frost will perform at Metropol – Roskilde’s electronica tent – on Sunday 29th of June.

Gåte captured the Norwegian public last year with their unique mix of traditional folk music and gothic rock. Their successful Jygri album is gothic, industrial, intense and massive. Live they cut to the bone: the focus is turned towards lead singer Gunnhild’s heavenly voice and the band’s raw drive. The result is amazing concerts - so amazing that Gåte has a reputation for being one of Norway’s best live bands.

Immortal is one of the oldest and most characteristic Norwegian black metal bands. Since 1990, the band has toured and released several albums, but in contrast to many of their homeland colleagues they have avoided the scandals and focused on creating music instead. Music that is violent and fast but also rather tuneful – considering the genre. Immortal’s music and lyrics circle around the cold, icy and typical Northern Scandinavian which their make-up and use of names from the Nordic mythology also emphasise.

Kaizers Orchestra was catapulted into the Norwegian public one-and-a-half year ago when the band released their debut album Ompa til du dør. The critically acclaimed album went to the top of the charts and consequently sold more than 90 000 copies. Kaizer’s are well established as a live-favourite in Norway and have toured constantly in Norway, Denmark and Sweden over the last two years. February saw the release of the band’s second album, Evig Pint, and so far the record has proved to be equally as successful as Ompa til du dør – reviews are equally as panegyric and the album is still present on the album chart’s top ten. Kaizers Orchestra have also begun to broaden their focus beyond that of Norway’s borders, and the band has gained a solid foothold in Denmark. Sweden is also catching up and a near-legendary performance at this year’s Eurosonic Festival in Holland caused a massive word-of-mouth campaign among European booking agents and festivals.

Mad Con is one of Norway’s leading jiggy-rap acts. In addition to releasing own albums, Mad Con contribute to a number of hip-hop colleague’s records, including last year’s successful Paperboys album No Cure For Life

Sgt. Petter debuted early 2003 to wide critical acclaim. Despite his young age Sgt.Petter writes expressive and spell-binding songs as only few can do, and his live performance is a superior study of singing, guitar and harmonica playing with an experienced backing band. Sgt. Petter treads a path similar to St. Thomas, but manages to find his own way, pleasing a steadily increasing audience.

Norwegian Grammy-winners Salvatore are also confirmed to Roskilde. This acclaimed collective has released four strong albums and has a loyal concert audience in Norway. John McIntyre from Tortoise was requited as a producer for their latest album Tempo which was released to wide critical acclaimed last autumn. Tempo is now set for European release through German label Glitterhouse. Given their Chicago/Tortoise links, Salvatore are often labelled post-rock – a limiting description when one take in account the varied styles and genres present on their records and live shows. The unique live set-up which includes no less than two drummers as well as guitars, electronics, chimes, vibraphones and percussion, contributes to the collective’s unique appearance and characteristic sound. Salvatore are also scheduled for a European tour with acclaimed Chicago collective Sea and Cake.

Son of Light (formerly known as N-Light-N), was the first artist signed to Norwegian hip-hop veteran Tommy Tee’s label Tee Productions. He debuted with an acclaimed album in 1997 (Deep Green), and is now ready with a follow up to his recently released and acclaimed EP The Homecoming.

Turbonegro have recently completed a very successful US tour with über-stoners Queens of the Stone Age. Loyal Turbojugends have eagerly awaited the follow-up to the classic 1998 album Apocalypse Dudes, and few of them were disappointed when Scandinavian Leather was recently released. The album has now occupied the top spot on Norway’s top 40 album charts, and the band is presently on a lengthy Euopean tour. Turbonegro is also scheduled to play a giant hall-tour covering Norway’s biggest cities.

Xploding Plastix is one of Norway’s most successful electronica acts of the last few years. Their Amateur Girlfriends go Proskirt Agents from 2001 was a milestone on the Norwegian electronica circuit, garnering ecstatic reviews and spawning hectic touring. In contrast to other knob-twiddling introvert electronica acts, Xploding Plastix have managed to develop a captivating, extrovert and energetic live appearance. Backed up by a bass player and occasionally vocals, Xploding gets the audience on their feet – dancing to the twisted, cut-up beats and polyrhythmic grooves.

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