First Norwegian Roskilde acts confirmed

Salvatore, Frost and Kaizers Orchestra are the first confirmed acts to this year’s Roskilde Festival.

Listen to a 30 second clip of Kaizers Orchestra’s Evig Pint Single
Listen to more tracks or buy Kaizers Orchestra’s Evig Pint Album album
Listen to a 30 second clip of Salvatore’s Easy Single
Listen to more tracks or buy Salvatore’s Tempo album


Roskilde is by far Scandinavia’s biggest festival, and the announcement of the festival’s roster is each year surrounded by much anticipation. So far three Norwegian acts are confirmed to the Danish festival: Kaizer’s Orchestra, Salvatore and Frost.

Kaizers Orchestra was catapulted into the Norwegian public one-and-a-half year ago when the band released their debut album Ompa til du dør. The critically acclaimed album went to the top of the charts and consequently sold more than 90 000 copies. Kaizer’s are well established as a live-favourite in Norway and have toured constantly in Norway, Denmark and Sweden over the last two years. February saw the release of the band’s second album, Evig Pint, and so far the record has proved to be equally as successful as Ompa til du dør – reviews are equally as panegyric and the album is still present on the album chart’s top ten. Kaizers Orchestra have also begun to broaden their focus beyond that of Norway’s borders, and the band has gained a solid foothold in Denmark. Sweden is also catching up and a near-legendary performance at this year’s Eurosonic Festival in Holland caused a massive word-of-mouth campaign among European booking agents and festivals.

Says Erik Brataas from Kaisers Orchestra label Farmen: As far as we know, this is the first time ever that a Norwegian band has been invited to Roskilde for two consecutive years in a row. Danish media portrayed last year’s Kaisers gig at Roskilde as music event of the year, and the following tours and record sales is proof that our Danish brothers have taken a liking to rattling Norwegian, oil-barrel-fuelled ompa-rock.

Norwegian Grammy-winners Salvatore are also confirmed to Roskilde. This acclaimed collective has released four strong albums and has a loyal concert audience in Norway. John McIntyre from Tortoise was requited as a producer for their latest album Tempo which was released to wide critical acclaimed last autumn. Tempo is now set for European release through German label Glitterhouse. Given their Chicago/Tortoise links, Salvatore are often labelled post-rock – a limiting description when one take in account the varied styles and genres present on their records and live shows. The unique live set-up which includes no less than two drummers as well as guitars, electronics, chimes, vibraphones and percussion, contributes to the collective’s unique appearance and characteristic sound.

The third Norwegian act confirmed to Roskilde is Frost. Frost, aka Aggie Peterson hails from Norwegian electronica’s birthplace Tromsø, and has so far released two influential albums as a solo artist. With solid assistance from her significant other, techno/electronica veteran Per Martinsen (of Illumination/Mental Overdrive fame), Frost released last year Melodica - a warm, soulful and sparking electronica album that solidifyed her status as one of the genre’s most vital acts. Supported by companion Martinsen and percussionist Anders Hunstad, Frost will perform at Metropol – Roskilde’s electronica tent – on Sunday 29th of June.

More Norwegian acts are expected to be added to the Roskilde roster soon. MIC will post updates.

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