Sondre Lerche won Baltimore hearts

"Hello, my name is Sohndray Larchey. Or Sohndrey Leerchy. Or Sondra Laaahrcha." Some times I'm not even sure myself." Bergen’s wunderkind Sondre Lerche is in the midst of his US tour and judging by reports he’s well on his way to win some North American hearts.

Listen to a snippet of Sondre Lerche’s Dead Passengers

Sondre Lerche live in Baltimore February 21

Norway’s US embassy in Washington which publishes the News of Norway wire, reports that an in-form Sondre Lerche had full control of his Baltimore audience on February 21.

"Hello, my name is Sohndray Larchey. Or Sohndrey Leerchy. Or Sondra Laaahrcha." Some times I'm not even sure myself." Linguistic confusions didn’t prevent the 20-year old Bergen songwriter from capturing the 200 strong audience that was predominantly young and female.

"He's just amazing. We read about him in Rolling Stone magazine, bought the album and just had to come here and see him," said one young Philadelphia girl.

Read the full News of Norway feature here.

At barely 20, Sondre Lerche has achieved more than most of us manage in a lifetime. He has released a stunning debut album, played applauded gigs all over Europe and manages to continue to compose songs of a quality that’s usually reserved those many years his senior. His debut album, Faces Down, was released in Norway in 2001 and on the European market and the US in 2002. Upon its release, the album was greeted with rave reviews both in Norway and in various European countries. France has proved to be especially receptive to Lerche’s mature songwriting, and he has completed several tours here. Last autumn the American market picked up interest and the result was several very positive reviews in publications like Rolling Stone and New York Press. Rolling Stone even awarded Lerche a spot on their list of the 50 Best Albums of 2002.

As of writing. Lerche is in the midst of an 18-date tour with Nada Surf that will take the young songwriter to several key venues in New York, Philadelphia, Chicago, Seattle and Los Angeles. Lerche’s US tour will culminate in a gig at the music industry convention South by Southwest in Austin, Texas. Together with such acclaimed Norwegian bands as Madrugada, We and Ralph Myerz and the Jack Herren Band, Sondre contributes to a strong Norwegian Texan presence at SXSW.

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Sondre Lerche’s albums are released in the US by Virgin subsidiary Astralwerks.

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