Bukkene Bruse and Richard Wolff/Kari Bremnes

Christmas is upon us, and from the rich selection of albums in the latest Listen to Norway shipment, MIC has picked out two releases that suit the festive season: Bukkene Bruse’s Den fagraste rosa and Richard Wolff and Kari Bremnes’ Desemberbarn.

Listen to a 30 second clip of the traditional Norwegian Christmas carol Eit barn er født i Betlehem
Listen to more tracks or buy Bukkene Bruse’s album Den fagraste rosa
Listen to a 30 second clip of Richard Wolff and Kari Bremnes’ interpretation of the old and traditional Crhistmas carol Deilig er jorden
Listen to more tracks or buy Richard Wolff and Kari Bremnes’ Desemberbarn album

Bukkene Bruse - Den fagraste rosa cover

Bukkene Bruse: Den fagraste rosa
A selection of traditional Christmas songs creates the basis from which this veteran quartet aims to revitalise the compositions associated with the festive season. With minimalist, sincere and honest arrangements and interpretations they manage to restore and rebuild those old hymns and traditional songs. Made up from four of Norway’s most heralded folk performers, Bukkene Bruse has released four critically acclaimed albums and toured Norway and abroad. On “Den fagraste rosa”, we find instruments such as hardanger-, keyed- and ordinary fiddle are coupled with vocals, flutes and various keyboards, the result being a record with many facets and layers. In a contemporary context, this release stands by itself being a quiet and emotional celebration of Christmas. As we wait for December, “Den fagraste rosa” is bound to please many a listener around the globe.

Kari Bremnes/Richard Wolff: Desemberbarn
Unique voices in their respective countries, Wolff and Bremnes join forces to create a unique album. Kari Bremnes hails from the northern part of Norway, and has been a vital contributor to the Norwegian scene for more than twenty years. Richard Wolff enjoys a similar status in his native Sweden, where he through his work as an actor, composer and vocalist has established himself as household name. The idea behind Desemberbarn (December Child) was to create a Christmas release that would contrast the polished and mass produced records that plague the market in the last month of the year.

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