Brent: Here and there

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Brent - Here and there cover

Timeless pop is all what Brent’s debut album is about. Pleasing vocal harmonies and classic guitar work is the mainframe around which the tunes evolve. Avoiding the clichés that can haunt mainstream pop releases, Brent brings forth a collection of mature, melodic and tasteful tunes. Their songs have a strong foundation in the classic pop tradition and all are performed flawlessly complete with rich harmonies and confident playing. Several of the album’s tunes received heavy airplay on national radio, and this together with frequent touring has laid out a good foundation for the band to build upon. If their next album follows in the footsteps of “Here and there”, then things are looking bright.

In mid-October Brent released their latest EP Between Summer And Me which saw national airplay. A new album is in the making.

Brent: Here and there (S2 Records / Sonet – S2CD 013)

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