Future Danish emperors?

After having charmed Norway with their unique oil-barrel fuelled surrealism, Kaizers Orchestra are set to conquer Denmark.

Listen to a 30 second clip of Kaisers Orchestra’s Ompa Til Du Dør single
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Kaizers Orchestra

Last year’s Kaizers Orchestra (Emperor’s Orchestra) “Ompa til du dør” (Ompa ‘till you die) album released on one-man label Broiler Farm, can be described as one of the last decades biggest surprises and one of the largest commercial successes of any Norwegian-lyric band. With more than 90 000 units sold (and still counting), sold out shows all over the country and Scandinavian interest picking up, the Stavanger based collective can afford to bolster their egos. Initial sales estimates were around 3000 units, and band and label would have been content on reaching break even. However, both urban and more rural audiences took a liking to the unique ensemble whose main stage ingredients include oil barrels, ancient pump organs and vintage gas masks. Their lyrics, sung in unaltered Stavanger-dialect, deal with surreal hypothetical characters, the Resistance and a love for that unique creaky ompa. Puzzled? Have a listen to their truly unique Ompa til du dør album at MICs online web shop.

Not satisfied with massive Norwegian success, Kaizers Orchestra are now in for Denmark for a seven date tour. The band has already sold 5000 copies to our friendly Danish neighbours, and aims at repeating their Norwegian formula for complete Emperorship: touring and even more touring. Sweden is next on the tour schedule and this will be followed by a recording session that will result in a new album scheduled for release late February.

Go to MIC’s event calendar for a listing of Kaizers Orchestra’s live dates.

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