Xploding Plastix’ Italian job

Following up on Icelandic and UK success, Xploding Plastix are set to challenge the land of polenta and carpaccio with their trademark cut-up electronica.

Xploding Plastix

Xploding Plastix gained an enthusiastic audience following the release of their 2001 album “Amateur Girlfriends go Proskirt Agents”. The album garnered near ecstatic reviews in Norway, and appeared frequently on the national sales charts and radio. Since then, production duo Jens Petter Nilsen and Hallvard Hagen have seen their record released in the UK, Germany, France, Be-Ne-Lux, Austria, Switzerland, USA and Japan. Xploding Plastix have followed up on rave record reviews with equally renowned live-shows in Europe and USA. Tracks by the active duo has appeared on a number of European and US compilations on such labels as Hospital and IRMA records.

Wednesday 20th November will see the duo kicking off their mini tour with a gig at Oslo’s renowned So What Club. It’s then off for Italy, with gigs in Bologna and Rome. The Bologna gig marks the release of the Nordic Sounds compilation which is released on respected Italian indie label IRMA Records. Xploding Plastix is featured with one track on this sampler, and will be the sole live-band at the release party that is expected to draw an audience of 1500. The 1200-capacity club Brancaleone in Rome will also be treated to Xploding’s unique Amon Tobinesque cut-up beats. The knob-twisting duo is accompanied by live double bass and keyboards on this short tour which ends at Stavanger’s Tou club.

In January Xploding Plastix is scheduled for appearance at the Eurosonic festival in Holland, and a club tour is planned to coincide with the festival gig. The dates will be added to mic.no’s event calendar as soon as they are confirmed.

Last month saw the Xploding duo gaining considerable media attention at the Iceland Airwaves festival in Reykjavik. Xploding Plastix appeared alongside such international acts as Fatboy Slim, The Hives, Blackalicious and GusGus. Xploding’s concert was captured by MTV’s cameras and aired together with a lengthy interview. Icelandic media took a liking to the Norwegian collective, with both national TV and radio taping the show and interviewing the duo.

The London audience was also treated to some of Xploding Plastix’ carefully edited beats during the Fertiliser Festival which showcased Norwegian music at a number of stages around the British capital. Together with such strong names as Jaga Jazzist, Salvatore, Close Erase and Bugge Wesseltoft Xploding Plastix made a strong appearance in front of a receptive and enthusiastic London crowd.

Parallel to their touring activity, the duo is active in their bedroom studios working on a record that is planned for release next year. As of writing, Xploding Plastix have not signed a new record deal – their former label Beatservice being among a number of suitors wanting to add the duo to their roster.

Watch out for the band’s alter ego project: Electones. This is a more vocal oriented project consisting of Xploding’s Jens Petter Nilsen and Hallvard Hagen with the addition of vocalist Rita Augestad. So far Electones have released one single on UK label Inertia (internationally) and Racing Junior (nationally).
The reviews have been very positive so far. Says DJ Magazine: Steps confidently not to mention beautifully between the realms of jazz, electronica, classical and acoustic folk. Class! 5/5

Next year will see Xploding Plastix embarking on a new Italian tour in February, and a lengthy Norwegian tour is scheduled in March. A new album and Electones-tracks are also planned.

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