Cato Salsa Experience to tour the States again

Norwegian rockers Cato Salsa Experience is set to tour north America again this fall, after spending just a few months back home. During the first six moths of 2002 they have toured both the US and Asia. On this tour they will be supporting the legendary Swedish rock band The Soundtrack of Our Lives.

Cato Salsa Experience

Cato Salsa Experience, an energetic garage-trio from Oslo, understood they were indeed big in Japan this summer. They were swamped by screaming teenage-girls and fans pleading for autographs. One of the band members called home to his girlfriend in Norway saying: I can’t wait to get back to Norway and get my ego adjusted, it’s crazy down here!
Hopefully they have had a few weeks to cool off now, and are good and ready for their upcoming U.S.-tour.

This time they will tour with Swedish rock band The Soundtrack of Our Lives (SOOL) who have been thoroughly hyped in the UK after playing support for Oasis this summer.

- Soundtrack of Our Lives is one of the greatest rock bands ever! proclaimed the Gallagher brothers after the end of the tour.

Hopefully the hype will follow them over the Atlantic and maybe some of it will rub off on Cato Salsa - if they need it at all. The band released their debut album, ”A Good Tip for a Good Time”, eighteen months ago in Norway, and their fun, psychedelic garage-rock sat well with both audiences and critics. Their album is distributed in the US by Emperor Norton and is licensed to Sony in Asia. Here is the list of the venues Cato Salsa Experience and SOOL will play in November:

3. Bowery Ballroom - New York/US
4. Paradise - Boston/US
5. Khyber - Philadelphia/US
6. Fletchers - Baltimore/US
7. Barrymore's - Ottawa/Canada
8. Cafè Campus - Montreal/Canada
9. Opera House - Toronto/Canada
10. Magic Stick - Detroit/US
11. The Intersection - Grand Rapids/US
12. Beachland Ballroom - Cleveland/US
13. The Metro - Chicago/US
14. 400 Bar - Minneapolis/US
15. El Torreon - Kansas City/US
16. Bluebird Theatre - Denver/US
18. El Rey Theatre - Los Angeles/US
19. Casbah - San Diego/US
20. Bimbos 365 Club - San Fransisco/US
21. Brick Works - Chico/US
22. Roseland Grill - Portland/US
23. Graceland - Seattle/US
24. Richard on Richards - Vancouver/Canada

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