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99 Minutes #9

2011’s first ’99 Minutes’ webcast is now airing with a playlist that ranges from Biosphere and Susanne Sundfør to The Low Frequency in Stereo and Jaga Jazzist.

99 Minutes Program 9 110328 by MIC Norway

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The ninth edition of MIC’s ’99 Minutes’ webcast series is now up and running with a playlist that ranges from Biosphere and Susanne Sundfør to The Low Frequency in Stereo and Jaga Jazzist.

DJ 99 aka Guttorm Andreasen continues his trademark eclectic approach to artist selection and programming with a webcast-playlist that that spans the gap from classic early 90s ambient electronica to traditional folk music, post-rock, improv and a sampling of today’s thriving Norwegian-language rock scene as well as a few classics dating back ten to twenty years ago.

The latest ’99 Minutes’ playlist includes classic as well as brand new tracks from acts Fjorden Baby!, Jan Beitohaugen Granli, Biosphere, Puma, Unni Løvlid/Becaye Aw/Rolf-Erik Nystrøm, Eivind Aarset & the Sonic Codex Orchestra, Siv Sperati, Science and Spheres, Joddski, Torgeir Vassvik, Ivar Ruste & Columbiakvintetten, Susanne Sundfør, Espen Eriksen Trio, Rigas den Andre, Lukestar, Vreid, The Thing, April, Bobby Hughes Experience, Stavangerensemblet, Valkyrien Allstars, The Low Frequency in Stereo and Jaga Jazzist.


Theme song: TøyenIndia PindiaDid you bring me on national television to tell me this too?Blackbean and Placenta BBPTC 203
Fjorden Baby!I Løp Av En BySe deg rundt i RommetFjorden Biznizz FBZ 002CD
Jan Beitohaugen GranliPipa Hennar GuriPå BeitohaugenTA:LIK TA50CD
BiosphereCloudwalker IIMicrogravityBeatservice BS105CD
PumaDiscotheque BitpunchingDiscotheque BitpunchingBOLAGE BLGCD004
Unni Løvlid/Becaye Aw/Rolf-Erik NystrømSju VindarSeven WindsHeilo HCD 7247
Eivind Aarset & the Sonic Codex OrchestraDrøbak SarayLive ExtractsJAZZLAND 2731968
Siv Sperati, Science and SpheresI Must Allow4.0Metronomicon Audio MEAU.0040.CD
JoddskiLaisa det OppKrig & KjærlighetBonnier Amigo 33435433
Torgeir VassvikSpiral/BotnjiFolkeLarm Oslo 2009NORCD0987
Ivar Ruste & ColumbiakvintettenDet er Farfor som velger programmet i kveldHørt & Uhort - 28 Diamanter fra 50-talletEMI 0094636679228
Susanne SundførO MasterThe BrothelEMI 5099962807821
Espen Eriksen TrioAmbitionsTwenty Centuries of Stony SleepRune Grammofon RCD 2100
Rigas den AndreAdult PunishmentDødpop vol. 2DIGER
LukestarFlying CanoesTaigaTUBA PM05
VreidDisciplinedMilorgIndie Recordings INDIE019CD
The ThingOde to DonThe Thing/The Thing Now and ForeverSmalltown Superjazz SMJZ STSJ106CD
SlagrAprilStraum, stilleOZELLA OZ 033 CD
Bobby Hughes ExperienceFusa RiotFusa RiotUltimate Dilemma udrcd008
StavangerensembletKan'kje finna fingenSamlekasseWest Audio Productions WAM418160
Valkyrien AllstarsTåre du tarv ikkje fallaTo MånerHeilo HCD 7240
The Low Frequency in StereoTexas FoxFuturoRune Grammofon RCD 2082
Jaga JazzistOslo SkylineWhat We MustSmalltown Supersound STS093CD

Listen to previous editions of ’99 Minutes’ HERE.

DJ 99, aka Guttorm Andreasen, has worked as a presenter, DJ, reporter and producer at the national Norwegian Broadcasting Corporation for 16 years, from 1992 to 2008 during which he hosted a wide range of programmes ranging from popular children’s shows, cutting-edge music programmes at the youth channels as well as culture and arts programmes on national TV. From 2003 to 2006 he produced 702 editions of the multi-rhythmic daily programme Wasabi on the NRK P2 channel. Up to 200,000 people would tune in daily on the complete genre-free blend of Swedish funk, Jamaican tango, Belarusian electro, Nigerian jazz, Venezuelan rock, Danish cumbia, Norwegian and Chinese jungle techno ... and virtually every imaginable genre in between! DJ 99 has performed in a wide range of settings ranging from the Sónar Festival in Barcelona to a small bar on the edge of a Serbian village. In 2007 he was one of only three selected DJs to play at the major music industry WOMEX festival in Seville. In 2005 he reached the finals of the International World Beat DJ Competition in London.

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