Dag Arnesen: Time Enough

MIC's Listen to Norway series continues with Dag Arnesen's 'Time Enough'

Dag Arnesen: Time Enough (cover)

Dag Andersen has been called a “hidden giant” of jazz. His is a musical voice of such international and timeless distinction that it is with impoverished longing that the rare works that appear under his name are awaited.
“Time Enough” is the first such release in ten years, and it is with gratitude and deep musical enchantment that lovers of jazz have received it.
Andersen’s playing is deeply poetic and he manages to extract from the piano a unique tone; a sonority that accords with his sober and tentative playing. His melodies are not extravagant escapades in a superfluity of notes, but rather reined-in and whole, as a poem chiselled to perfection.

This does not make the music simply contemplative and minimalist though, there is much lightness and generosity in it as well, and it is more than anything quintessential “trio music”, entailing unique motion in combination with absolute awareness and “togetherness”

Masterly interpreted by Arnesen and his two great co-musicians Terje Gewelt on the bass and Pål Thowsen on drums –both highly experienced and distinguished musicians- the ten compositions deftly exhibit the full potential and majesty of the intimate trio format, allowing for the unique oscillation between each instrument self-indulging and the intense attention paid to the others.

Arnesen and his trio have been compared with the legendary Bill Evans trio; an unsurpassable compliment regarding this genre.

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