Mari Boine

The renowned Sámi singer and world musician Mari Boine to play a much anticipated gig at the upcoming Scene Norway event at London’s Kings Place.

Mari Boine 2007

Mari Boine is an artist without equal. Her interpretation of the Sámi musi­cal heritage has won her a truly international audience. Across the world she has come to represent the epitome of the merger between age-old musical heritage -with a universal depth of message and emotion- and progressive aspects of today’s music. With Boine the ancient tradition and the timeless mystery of the Joik –the Sámi vocal tradition- is given new life and new audiences by a zealous pursuit of modern elements. Her music incorporates many different genres, she makes use of innovative sounds and modern technologies and consistently finds new directions in which to take the music.

More than twenty years - and ten albums - after her debut Mari Boine is a highly respected musical visionary who inspires musicians and listen­ers everywhere. Her position sees her travelling incessantly, bringing her personal art and the rich and haunting essence of her people’s culture to venues around the world. Her concerts are always highly anticipated and appreciated events; concerts that seem more than just a musical experi­ence but one of journeying in both time and space.

As Mari says herself, “the key to experiencing my music is participation, for this is not something you can simply sit back and receive, it is a kind of journey one must partake in”.

Boine’s set at Scene Norway also features Georg Buljo on guitar, an­other of Norway’s most respected producers, with his own Sami inspired music.

The evening will be opened by Terje Isungset and Karl Seglem’s duo Isglem, whose music inhabits a Norwegian landscape, combining ele­mental percussion and sounds from the mountains, including traditional instrument the goat horn, to create a stunning soundscape.

Date: Saturday 15 November w/Isglem
Time: 7:30pm
Venue: Hall One

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