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Kaizers Orchestra have made their new album “Maskineri” (machinery) available in its entirety on their myspace site. Thus they join the echelon of bands with enough self-certainty to “give away” their music, for a limited period, in order to give fans and the uninitiated a sample before the physical record hits the shops.

Kaizers Orchestra 2006

Founding member Geir Zahl relates to the Norwegian daily Dagbladet that it with unease that they’ve made this step. -At the same time as they know is the right thing to do.
The benefit of the stunt is primarily to be profiled as “band of the week” on the Norwegian national myspace site, and hopefully with the same thing happening subsequently in Denmark and Sweden. This will hopefully entail a lot of “newcomers” to the Kaizers universe. -While fans of the band, which will most likely buy the record anyway, will have a chance of an exciting preview (of inferior stream-quality, making the physical record a subsequent “must”).

Maskineri is Kaizers fourth full length album. Interviewed just before Christmas front man Janove “The Jackal” Ottosen had this to say about the music now out on myspace:

-“Maskineri” is not the fourth of the old albums, but the first of the new ones. We’ve left behind many of our ways and standard solutions, and are really eager to demonstrate how creative and innovative we are as a band, also in the studio. In a way we view it as our first proper album, for now we have the experience to make the album we really want to make, and the chance to choose people and places that are really right.

The album is recorded in Berlin and Los Angeles, and their regular producer has been substituted with Mark Howard, a Canadian who has worked with Tom Waits, Bob Dylan, U2 and REM.

-People simply can’t imagine how great this album is going to be, continues Ottosen; listeners will be overwhelmed by new ideas. E.g. we’ve made the marimba a new integral part of our sound, it will be with us forever onwards.

Some ingredients are untouchable tough, such as the oil drums, the intensity and the flushes of Slavic tonality. Yet it is still a truly new gestalt of Kaizers we’re in for: a little less benzene and bedevilment, a little more nuance and hushed emotions; complex, detailed and engrossing at the same time.

“Maskineri” will linger on the bands myspace site for one week. The CD release date is Monday Feb. 18th.

Listen to "Maskineri" here:

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