Okkultokrati heads out on European tour

February sees Okkultokrati heading out on an extensive European tour in support of their debut album ‘No Light for Mass’.

Following the release of the 7” ‘Knarkskog’ in 2009 Okkultokrati are poised for their proper debut with the new album ‘No Light for Mass’. This is a collection of songs that have been created over half a year of intensive and focused song writing, rehearsing and recording.

February 4th marks the start of the band's extensive European tour with Kylesa that includes gigs in the UK, Sweden, Germany, Belgium, Luxembourg, France, Italy and Austria.

The band have played together for a scant 2 years, but the involved musicians have much experience after playing hundreds of shows with bands such as Haust and Hombre Malo. In their own words, the basis of No Light for Mass’ atmosphere and lyrics lies in the fascination of atheistic metaphysics.

Writes the band in a press release: ‘While egomania grows bigger on the Internet and in the Media, Okkultokrati focus on the humanistic new-age movement and its bent sidetracks. Look behind the colorful rainbows and trigger-happy fatalism and you’ll find aborted reincarnations, astral mutilations and telepathic deportation. Okkultokrati channel the negative energy into 9 tracks of necro-spirituals and conjure spiritual rationality. The band was born out of the need to cut through the crap of meaningless metal and punk that are pouring in over us from abroad. Why find inspiration from international lack of good taste when there’s the purest of discomfort imaginable right outside our own windows? Both Norwegian nature and town suburbs froth in grotesque pleasure for young creative souls.’

Okkultokrati is distributed by Cargo.

Tour dates in the event section below.

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