Satyricon heads out on US/Canadian tour

Norway’s extreme metal flagship Satyricon heads out on a 24-date North American tour in late September.

Satyricon 2008

Satyricon is the vehicle of Sigur Wongraven aka Satyr, arguably the most able and straight-thinking musician in the realm of Norwegian extreme metal. The band, a focused duo featuring drumming icon Frost, is nothing less than a flagship of extreme music. Satyricon was among the first acts to transcend the established fan base of dark metal. Simply due to the music’s overwhelming magnitude and quality they have reached out to wider musical audiences and become a zeitgeisty and defining name.

Last year saw Satyricon releasing the band’s 7th album to date; ‘The Age of Nero’. Produced by the band and noted producer Joe Barresi, the album features a number of diverse contributors ranging from classical choir Grex Vocalis to The Norwegian Radio Orchestra. Largely written in a remote cabin deep in the Norwegian woods by Satyr in collaboration with his old friend Snorre Ruch (of Thorns; himself a legendary figure in the history of Norwegian extreme metal), it features eight of the heaviest songs in Satyricon's history. Then again this heaviness is not the raison d'etre for "The Age Of Nero", it is a necessity dictated by the inherent power of the songs. From the unstoppable urgency that marks 'Black Crow On A Tombstone' to the epic frenzy of 'Die By My Hand' and the bleak nihilism of 'Den Siste' - each title demands the utmost sonic intensity. In a bold departure from their previous way of working, the guitars have been seriously down-tuned, adding to the raw power of the sound. Drummer Frost does an exceptional job in supplying a fundamental that seems almost casual in its measured aggression, but defines the rocking blackness of the album as much as Satyr's pronounced guitar work.

Over the course of its distinguished career, Satyricon has been widely recognized for its distinctive sound as well as its contributions to the genre. The band won the Norwegian Indie Awards’ ”Alarm” for ”Best Live Act” in 2000, and in 2002, won the Norwegian Grammy for ”Best Metal Album” for Volcano, in addition to Alarm Awards for ”Metal Album of the Year” and ”Song of the Year” (for their track ”Fuel for Hatred”). Satyricon also won an Oslo Award for “Best Overall Album” that year. In 2006, Satyricon won the Metal Hammer Golden Gods Award for "Best Underground Act" as well as the "International Metal Album of the Year" honor at the Danish Music Awards for its album Now, Diabolical.

When asked about the upcoming tour, vocalist/guitarist Satyr states, "Finally…The way everyone greeted us in the states and Canada during our run in Jan, Feb and March, it was obvious that we needed to come back as soon as possible. The reception we got every night, all the conversations we had after the shows with everyone who had been waiting for us to make it was given that it was never a question of if, just when. For the most part we are focusing on coming back to the same cities as we visited in the winter, so that you can see the full Satyricon show that you got a taste of a few months back. There are also some cities in there where we will be visiting for the first time. It's a quite diverse line-up with support coming from Bleeding Through (U.S.), Chthonic (TAI) and Toxic Holocaust (U.S.) (Toxic Holocaust from 9/25-10/10). We need your support!”

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