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One of the web’s most central music sites talks to Norwegian pop phenomenon Annie.

Annie 2005 (r/v)

On the occasion of the US launch of Annie’s acclaimed debut album ‘Anniemal’, Pchforkmedia’s Nick Sylvester talks to Bergen’s pride Annie.

Says Annie to Pitchforkmedia on the lengthy process of building a commercial success:” I think maybe my album is gonna take a while. Because, at least when it comes to media and radio and stuff, people still really need to understand, is this pop, or is it not pop. If something's in the middle, they're kinda like, "Wow, I don't understand this." I know for the radio in the UK, that's very important to them, to understand what it is.”

Creating a lasting outing has been important for Annie. Says Annie on striving for a timeless sound: “It was really important to me to make an album that you could listen to in five years and it wouldn't sound terrible. It wouldn't sound 2004.”

Annie on playing live with her new Finnish backing band with members from OP:L Bastards: “I've always been a big fan of like, Blondie, and these kind of bands who do things live and it sounds different. I really like old disco bands who did live things as well. I'm fascinated by the live thing but it's been a long process.”

Annie also gives her explanation for the international success of the vibrant Bergen scene: “One of the good things in Bergen though is people really help each other. It's easy, you need a bass player, you need somebody to help you with a sample or whatever, it's always somebody there and it's not very difficult.”

When asked whether if writing her own songs is important to her, Annie reveals that she’s a bit of a control freak: “It's very important to me for people to know how much I'm involved. That it's just not something I'm putting my name under without being there-- I'm in the whole process, basically everything. I guess I'm a bit of a control freak.”

Anne can also reveal that she’s in the process of writing new songs for the follow-up to ‘Anniemal’: “I already started writing, like six tracks that I think that are gonna be something. I haven't been in the studio but I've been writing melodies. I hope that I can go into the studio in early August. I was thinking I maybe work with the Scissor Sisters on one track. I'm not sure, I'm open to lots of things.”

Read the entire Pitchfork interview here.

Annie’s ‘Anniemal’ is now out in the US on BigBeat/Atlantic and reviews have already begun to tick in. Some excerpts:

“Worldwide success or not, she has delivered one of the best debut albums of 2005.” (Billboard).

“There are so many solid songs on the album it’s hard to know where to start.” ( 4/4)

“…the album as a whole, bursting with sparkling melodies.” ( 4/5)

“Straight out of Norway, Annie channels 80s Madonna and delivers solid dance hits and smooth ballads with a voice sweeter than candy and a passion any heart can feel.” (

“On this boisterous debut, Norway’s Annie earns the right, masterfully fusing synth-pop rhythms with her own feline coos: “I’ don’t want to settle down, I just want to chew gum” she teases on the slippery, girls-just-wanna-have-fun anthem “Chewing Gum”.” (Blender 4/5)

‘Anniemal’ was launched in Canada on 21st of June.

On June 28th Annie kicks off a US DJ tour with Finnish 'Anniemal' co-producer Timo Kaukolampi. Event dates are found in MIC's calendar.

Listen to excerpts from the album here

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