Punkt kicks off

This week sees the innovative Punkt Festival, held in Southern Norway, kicking off with a varied and inspiring programme.

Punkt 2007 - Helge Sten (www.punktfestival.no/)

The fruit of collaboration between the Motion conference and the Punkt festival, Magne Furuholmen, Nils Petter Molvær and Pink Floyd’s old manager Peter Jenner is set to appear in Kristiansand this week.

The two events, which have been held alongside each other in the past, have joined forces. The most significant result of this is a big common seminar on digitalizing and copyrights (IPR) in the music industry, which will take place on August 30th.

Delegates and participants will be able to draw on the insights and experiences of renowned industry people such as Peter Jenner (ex manager for Pink Floyd and The Clash), Bendik Hofset (musician and head of NOPA), Aleksander Brem aka “Gothminister” (lawyer and goth-rocker), and Bugge Wesseltoft (artist and producer).

In addition Punkt contributes by furnishing the delegates of the new conference with a bonus package of some very special musical experiences: Nils Petter Molvær with band, DJ Strangefruit and not least Magne Furuholmen with full band.
The artists will also give other performances throughout the duration of the festival, and thus the promoters of the joint venture can promise “a week of learning, inspiration and musical experiences of the highest order.”

The motion conference takes place between August 28tyh and 30th. It features names such as Kevin Keller (head of Google Norway), the designer of the supercar Koeningsegg Bård Eker, and founder of Sweden’s major summer festival Hultsfred Putte Svensson.
Motion is about the movements and interchanges between culture and business.

In its third year the music festival Punkt takes place between August 29th and September 1st. Already in its inaugural year it was pronounced “This year’s most innovative festival” by BBC Music magazine, due to its diverse program and a concept entitled “Live Remix”: All main-stage performances are immediately remixed on the bi-stage, in order for the audience to be able to go directly there and experience the “deconstruction.”

Says Fiona Talkington, presenter/producer of the award winning music programme "Late Junction", BBC Radio 3: "Jan Bang and Erik Honore have devised a way of working with their live remix remit which pushes musicians into artistic decisions and creativity in such a way that audiences are an integral part of the artistic process. Musicians are changed and inspired by these situations, and audiences are compelled to confront their attitudes to music, to learn new ways of thinking while still being entertained. Technology is not simply an enabler here but an instrument to be played and nurtured by musicians, playing a vital role in global music history. The innovations of 2005 were remarkable. 2006 proved that Punkt is here to stay. Local audiences were made up of the knowledgeable, the curious and those who would not normally go to such events. The world's press was there complimenting the event not just for the music but for the outstanding way it was run. Punkt should be given the opportunities not just to develop within Norway but worldwide. It is an example to us all in the music business that major developments in music can only come from this position of trust and respect, coupled with the highest levels of creativity. I cannot now imagine a world without Punkt."

Allaboutjazz.com’s John Kelman is equally positive: "With Punkt 06 wrapping up, a quick look back reinforces just how unique an event it is. Its core philosophies—live remixing, unhindered innovation, and an open sense of community extending beyond the musicians to embrace the audience, stage presentations and sound—distinguish it from virtually every other improvisation-based festival. The very fact that it has core philosophies at all is enough to separate it from most festivals, actually. Punkt represents the kind of informed, organized and inviting festival that others should watch to learn exactly how such an event should be done."
The impressive Punkt Festival 2007 roster:

Jon Hassell
Jan Bang
Nils Petter Molvær
Magne Furuholmen
Sweet Billy Pilgrim
Joanna MacGregor
Michiyo Yagi
Svalastog feat. Alexander Rishaug
Quercus (June Tabor, Iain Ballamy, Huw Warren)
J. Peter Schwalm feat. Daniel Kluge & Eivind Aarset
Hans Appelqvist
Ryan Francesconi
Solveig Slettahjell Slow Motion Quintet
Scanner / David Rothenberg
Trio Mediæval
Erik Honoré
Nils Chr. Moe-Repstad
Eivind Aarset / Pål Nyhus / Jan Bang
Kammerflimmer Kollektief
Sidsel Endresen / Jan Bang / Erik Honoré
Arve Henriksen / KSO / Jan Bang / Peter Tornquist
Bugge Wesseltoft / Michiyo Yagi
Charles / Grydeland / Wallumrød / Zach
David Toop
Robin Guthrie
Undark (Russell Mills, Tom Smyth, Michael Fearon)
Burnt Friedman & Jaki Liebezeit feat. Hayden Chisholm
Jon S. Lunde

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