UK Top Ten for Madcon

Norwegian hip-hop outfit Madcon is this week’s newcomers on the UK Top Ten with their chartbuster single Beggin.

Madcon: So dark

Madcon shot to the top of the domestic sales charts last year with their album ‘So Dark the Con of Man’ and the infectious single Beggin, creating history with the fastest (and most-) selling hip-hop release ever on the Norwegian market, eventually reaching platinum.

Building on their massive domestic success, Madcon began their international campaign earlier this year, initially focusing on Scandinavia (which proved highly successful) and later extending the focus to include Germany, Austria and Switzerland. Beggin performed exemplary also on the German market, with heavy airplay, a number of high-profile media appearances and well-attended live shows as a result.

This week sees Madcon’s UK campaign off to a good start with a sensational no. 7 spot on the UK Hit 40 singles charts, well ahead of such established acts as Bloc Party and Keane. Beggin is also performing well on the R&B singles chart and is currently on the fourth spot.

UK radio and TV is also warming up to the Madcon vibe, resulting in Beggin climbing from 25th to 15th on the national radio charts, Music Control UK, while the single’s accompanying video went from no. 23 to no. 17 on the UK TV Airplay Chart. Radio One has lifted the single from fifth to fourth on its a-list while Kiss TV rotates Beggin on the channel’s top five for the second week in a row.

Watch the video for Beggin:

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